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This would be amazing to check out if you can get to Australia cheaply!!!!

Entheogenesis Australis & Lost Tribes are proud to present

The 2012 Origins of Consciousness tour

An exploration into Psychedelics, Spirituality & Ancient Civilizations, with Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna, Mitch Shultz & more.

What role have psychedelics played in the evolution of human imagination? What is the link between mystical experiences, neuroscience and parallel dimensions? What was the lost civilisation destroyed in the last ice age? Will we meet the same fate or are we on the cusp of making the great leap forward into an evolved consciousness?

Join Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna & Mitch Shultz as we unravel some of the BIG questions and take you on an inspirational journey to reconnect with our sacred past, help us understand our present challenges and work towards transforming the future.  

The tour will be a fascinating combination of keynote talks, panel discussions & Q&A’s to be held:

  • Melbourne, Saturday 13th, October

  • Brisbane, Thursday 18th, October

  • Sydney, Sunday 21st, October

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