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I recall many years ago as a teenager when I started learning the human-invented constellations of stars visible from the Earth that I noticed that stars often appears in curved lines and in little patterns . Even when zoomed in looking through the telescopic magnification of stars too faint to see with the naked eye, I recall stings of stars and patterns (these patterns often so useful when "star-hopping" using star charts to locate charted galaxies, star clusters and nebulae to track down).

It is the oddest thing that you can also notice this same type of patterning within any avenue of thought or pattern at any scale.

As I partake of a glass of beer and after the head has subdued into a thin surface of bubbles at the surface of the liquid, I notice the same types of arrangements as within the stars. There are bubbles that form strings of noticeable pattern , lines of three prominent bubbles and similar such things.

I just can't help but notice that within various levels of magnification of visual observation or even within observation of any type of category (thought, events, time, etc) there are stings and patterns.

To me, there is an obviously visual pattern noticeable within many levels of visual reality that proclaim the phrase "as above , so below" and vice versa.

So the point to think about is how do visual patterns and flowing of events show up in a similar way to such things as how stars appear to be arranged in chains and patterns or how bubbles on the surface of a drink appear similarly to be arranged in noticeable patterns.

Even when you see maps of the clusters of galaxies, there is a visual pattern to that too.

I was also noticed how these fruit flies that I have around here (they come out of the compost bag LOL) will arrange themselves in patterns that are like twos and threes and chains... it is a similar pattern to how I have seen stars arranged!

It just seems that the idea of the "as above, so below" is so integratted into so many layers of Reality.

Are there arrangements of historical events that are similar to bubbles on top of a drink or stars as seen from one point in space?

When I think of the yugas of Indian thought as long term cyclic concepts of the flow of time and long-term eras, I can see the same idea of "as above, so below". On the grand long term scale of thousands and tens of thousands of years there can be flowing cyclic bubbles of events that occur just as if these were arrangements of bubbles on the top surface of a beer!

It just seems the more I notice things, I see visual patterns at various magnification levels which follow that general concept. So I wonder about events within history as following that idea.

I can't help but hypothesize that even within our own individual lives there are patterns that occur. It seems within our own lives there are main patterns, sometimes with a main strong pattern and other patterns of various time duration.

I also wonder if within time itself there are patterns. If you visualize this as like ripples near a coast where ripples reflect off of the wooden columns of a dock or around large stones at the shore, the ripples bounce off and reverberate across the water . Individual waves (symbolic of supposed "separate" living beings) will encounter specific sections of these reflected waves. So one wave (ie, living entity) may occur a portion of the reflected wave at the same time as some other wave (ie, living entity) encounters that same wave but in a seemingly non-connected location of time. So within the level of time, it might appear to us as unconnected events but when you look at it differently you might notice a pattern of events affecting things all at the same time!

There can even occur symptoms of "precognition of the future" because people or waves in different positions receive interaction from the reverberating pattern rebounding off the rocky coast.

In our usual linear way of seeing time, we think "knowing the future" as a silly concept... but if you think of events as being like reflecting waveforms on a water surface, there can be independent interception of the same effects at different locations because the wave of an event reaches two different points at the same time or even reaches one point before it reaches another.

"as above, so below" (and vice versa) does seem to be such a powerful observation about reality. It's as if all of Reality in physical or temporal pattern is like regions of a chaos fractal pattern!

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u right mate, i'm ok with u..........

thanks alot


I realized the very same thing when I thought about Astrology and our DNA.
We have just found out that the 90% 'scrap' DNA which doesn't encode proteins, seem to encode for every little thing in and about our body.. Within years we are able to read specific parts of our DNA which tells us the same things as the stars are telling us through our horoscopes.
As above, So below.


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