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I learned this from a pen pal master in china. Its secret nei gung of the brain/marrow wash classic to train the penis. If you have chi it will work right away. Simply vibrate


When you are sucessful blood and chi will be felt in the penis

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This is what my Hub needs...he was sick and they catherized him and now says he can barely find his wanker to go to the ty!

Even in diet ands health changes this is valuable. I've been there in my 20s so..anybody can benefit from this

Well I tried but he popped his cork at a mere mention of helpfulness so now I'm reluctant to bother any more! Ty anyway!

Jess fer the record, I would like to publicly admit, that I'll be by my man, no matter what...tomorrow is our 40th anniversary & I'll stick with him like effergrip no matter what, he is sensitive & that procedure does leave the organ red hot so don't know what I was thinking, jess trying to alieviate his private concerns bec-ause that is my position in life...I jess was looking at the meditation aspect but, he cannot handle being seen near being any kinda stud...oh my darling...tsk! Rant over....Blessed Be...


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