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Hi my name is Alisha, I live in Albany NY and for the last 2 years have been possessed by an evil spirit. Any advice, information, or an actual exorcist who can do a exorcism, would be greatly appreciated
My email is

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Alisha you have empowered this spirit energy by believing in it you have to believe as within the same you have power over it you do not need the assistance of anyone other than your higher self you manifest your own reality. You find peace when you desire it. I hope the truth you seek is found and may the creator be with you.

Contact Dr Palmer as he works with a medium in a slightly similar fashion to Dr Carl Wickland in the book 30 Years Among the Dead. (you can find the free pdf online too.) 

I know him personally and have seen the amazing results of his work firsthand. He works remotely too.

Here's an example of how Dr Palmer works with the medium Andy


Teal Swan explains that if a thought form or demonic entity is attached to your energetic system it is because of a lack of some kind if that lack is not fulfilled the entity will come back after being exorcised or a similar entity, some don`t believe in Teal Swan but at least her point of view is very interesting since she explains that in cases of possession or parasitism there is an agreement and the entity has the right to feed on your energy, here is the video:

Unfortunately as with many subjects Teal is incorrect.  There are many reasons but none of them have to do with 'lack' per se.

Possessions, Attachments or Soul Fragments: New Paradigms in Spirit Release

yes i wouldnt bank on reaching any profound levels with teals offense to the woman..she seems like a pleasant individual..also most people are only book wise..but have no experience..teal is such a person..what i am saying is..she is not going to be manifesting anything or flying anytime soon..this isnt a must tho..many have reached the highest level without even needing to use thier abilities once in thier life..but these days.. its a must because so much doubt..and confussion..people think the priests are high level and some yogis who only take thier money..they have thier reward  and it is attention from people..

what makes you think you have a demon?

There is no such thing as intentfully malicious evil.


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