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So I have come across some information that seemed rather interesting. A lot of us already know that your birthday and the time of birth are both very important to the energies you carry with you. I was born on April 27th, 1983 at 7:04 pm, this means that my sun sign is taurus and my moon sign is scorpio. I also notice that people with the same birthday as me are very similar in nature. Further, we are light, and light comes to this world from different star systems depending upon different times of the year and the position of the sun. 

What I wanted to discuss was the fact that when you are on the other side and your are choosing to come in, you cannot just pick anytime to be born, you have to qualify to be born during a certain time. For example some people would not be able to carry the energies that I carry and thus could not have april 27th as an option if they cannot handle the energy associated with this day. I am just wondering what people think about this, there are certain positions with the planets, sun, moon, etc that deeply effect what type of person you are on the physical plane. There are other factors like culture, genetics, location, but the most important energies are that of the sun and moon's location in my opinion. 

Does this concept resonate with you? Are some time periods where a birth could take place restricted to certain people that have not evolved yet to carry specific energies? This seems interesting to me and was curious in some feedback. 



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Greetings and Wholeness to you Pete; Yes this thought process does resonate with me. The position of the planets have an affect on us greatly. Life cannot exist without its environment and the reciprocal is true also. All 12 planets are incorporated in the zodiac and they are indeed life too. And yes I agree that you chose the exact moment and placement because that is the rhythm your soul energy moved to. And no one occupies your zenith. The great paradoxical weaving of the Universe, to be individuals and connected at the same time; the illusion of opposition. Know and feel and express for the many is one and the one is many. All of what you say is truth. I totally agree with you.

As above so below, so true. Thanks for the input, I love the part about no body occupying your zenith!

So, as we choose to come, is there a process of intervention? Do we ensure that circumstances are just so, or are all birth times and scenarios set and we have an array from which we choose? Furthermore, what sort of factors, as far as planetary alignment, would play into that selection? To me, the planets align one's consciousness as it melds with a body, thus creating a personality. So, are you saying that our personality as a spirit must resonate with the personality that we are endeavoring to embody? I think it can't match every time if this is the case. There are plenty of people with conflicted personalities, and for some, that IS their lesson; learning to deal with it, or coming to be at peace with it. Anyway, I dunno how much sense all that made. Just what I was thinking. =)

Hi Kaleigh, There is no intervention, instead there is just a knowing in terms of what you qualify for and what kind of energy you can carry with you. Yes all birth times and circumstances are just show and unique opportunities to allow for certain energy signatures. One slice of time (even milliseconds) can be accessed or held onto or reserved, yes. The cycles of energy that interact with Earth are never the same from year to year, there are however similar patterns, but each moment of time no matter where you view it from is very unique and special. No two moments at birth posses the same energy.

Planetary alignments are very important, think of the spheres in our solar system as being intricate parts of a whole. Angles are very important as they allow certain energies to be multiplied. Conjunctions are important because the gravity of the combined planets create a boost of energy to the systems here on Earth. The planets do in fact meld ones consciousness. Each planet aligns to a particular chakra and works in harmony with your glands, feelings and emotions. 

Our spiritual personality (which is multidimensional) does not have to match or even be similar to our cosmic self, most of the time it does mirror it however. It just depends what someone is coming down to incarnate for. If someone wants to lead a life of serving and helping others then they can choose to take in the energies and choose the genetics that would best suit the purpose of the incarnation. It is not a necessity for things to match up. Keep in mind though that the physical is a make up of the spiritual, but do not limit what you truly are to the make up of your current body, thoughts and emotions. 

There are plenty of people with conflicting personalities, this could be the lack of will power or understanding to control the personalities coming forth. Like you mentioned, this could also be a lesson to teach someone how to handle multiple personalities.

Think of it like this, when you come down to Earth, or any other physical incarnation there are 3 very important choices you make as an individual. (1) What time you will be born, the planets, sun and moon play a factor here, along with what time of year you are choosing. The time of year matters because we are only in gestation for a period of 10 months max. During this period your crystalline body is also developing taking in the essential crystalline salts. You will be missing a couple salts because you were not in the womb during two months of the cycle. For example if you were conceived in July and born in April you will be missing May and June in terms of development, so this is where you will need to take supplements to replace the salts you are missing. (2) The genetics are important as this is part of the energy and information your carry. The family you place yourself into will have a lot of impact obviously in what kind of incarnation you experience. (3) Last the culture and location of your incarnation can mold you as well, this is all the cultural input and experiences that form you and your perceptions.  

Hope this helps, know that you are exactly where you need to be and everything happens for a very important reason. The struggles are just as great as the achievements, all is learning and spiritual evolvement. Enjoy the ride!

100%. I am not fully immersed in astrology yet, but my studies to this point indicate that what you are expressing is what the ancient teachings have taught...also, in studying the moon nodes , north and south, destinct personality and behavior pattern emerge that give us predictability in or actions...our time of birth represents our contract with life and is a reflection on where we are in relation to what we want to learn to enhance our spirit...we need experience to grow spiritually, by reincarnation thru different zodiacs, we expand our experience towards less materialism and more spiritualism...the assent ion. Since 2012 I have noticed this change has begun to accelerate... Blessings.

Beautiful Brian! Dead on again.

We incarnate precisely as we are indicated to. Think not in terms that we are separate from the universe and more that we are the universe itself, then our place in the universal structure more clearly reflects us. What we are experience in life is resultant to the causality of all past growth. Strengthening awareness of free will and choice is a good beginning to liberation from this cycle. By degrees we turn.

I love it, your post can help people make sense of the hologram analogy that we are a projection of our higher selves. Thanks Michael.

I can totally climb aboard that theory, we all have a different history beyond this life and we are all coming into it with a different mindset and just as how I believe that we choose our families I also think that we choose to come during the moment that will resonate best with our planned incarnation.

I really wonder which of the 3 different time spots is the one decisive factor. 

The moment you are created meaning egg and sperm unite.

The moment your heart starts beating the first time.

The moment you are born.

I find the moment when my heart started beating more important than the day I was born. I was actuly born 3 weeks after the announced date of birth, way overdue.


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