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I was wondering if anyone had the answer to this question... Is it possible for a soul to be reincarnated into two or more different lives? Like after death, for it to split into two or more and be reborn into two or more lives..? Just like as the embryo or whatever does during a pregnancy of twins, triplets etc. I hope I explained this correctly. Any ideas would be awesome. Thanks :-)

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Like can more than one person have been the same person in a past life?

anything is possible!

think of it as a drop of water returning to the ocean

Most certainly, in my opinion. The possibilities are endless.

I could be my own grandmother, grandnephew, or anyone at any time.

Now the idea that I exist at the same time as I do on this line kinda freaks me out. I mean, what would I say to me? But then if I lived with myself one of me could go to work and then I could stay home. Oooo...or travel.

You can't limit yourself to one idea. There are too many out there. And never put a limit on you.

And if you think about it don't the people we call friends remind us of ourselves just a little? Would we hang out with them if there wasn't something in them that wasn't us?

This is just my opinion so don't necessarily take it as gospel - but as far as reincarnating into more than one reality - I think we - our soul - our higher self - whatever you prefer to call your particular consciousness actually exist simultaneously in other dimensions as well, and please let me just waste a little of your time with a few thoughts.  Me personally - I've had at least two (not near-death experiences) but sure-death actualities, had there not been some - as-yet-unknown-to-me DIVINE INTERVENTION!  The question of course is why was I saved - while others in similar experiences - perish?  Certainly not because I'm somehow special!!  No indeed!  Was it because I had not yet completed whatever mission I had contracted to do, before I entered this particular reality? -

Beats the heck outa me but here's something that happened to me.

I was in Hawaii, attempting to drive my 1300 cc motorcycle out of my "mud-pit" yard, going approx 1 MPH when the bike slipped in the mud, down I went, with the front right rider floor-board, trapping my right ankle under it - "snap"  - what to do for the next 8 weeks while my ankle healed?  I lived alone, no TV, no books, no internet, no papers, no radio - "nuttin honey"  It's gonna be a long 8 weeks with nothing to do....."I know, I still have electricity & my laptop, I think I'll start writing poetry - I was always good with coming up with a rhyme anytime I needed one"  and the next day - "BINGO" - THEY JUST STARTED COMING - AT LEAST ONE OR TWO EVERY DAY!  It was as if I were transcribing them.  I'd get an idea, and just start typing when I was done, even I was amazed.  I don't know if I can, but I'll try and attach my first one (Perfect Day for Drinking) and one or two others, just to prove I'm serious,  as I am now a full-fledged - if undiscovered poet.   Much Aloha - Jim Magee - Poet of the "Common" Man


What fun poems!  Whimsical and wise.

thanks so much Marianthi - as I mentioned - although I was always able to pull up a rhyming phrase whenever need (I was a musician all my life), also used to make specialty cards - St' Paddy's day etc - then when I got hurt, and when I asked myself, what the heck am I gonna do with my time for the next 2 months and made the conscious, verbal statement - "I KNOW, I THINK I'LL START WRITING POETRY". and the next day they just started coming and all I did was transcribe them! I'm not really sure how to describe it - I used to call my poems "my 5-minute specials"  because rarely did a poem take longer.  I'd get an idea, sit down, start typing and when I was done, so was the poem and I rarely had to stop to find the correct word or phrase - they were just there when needed!  Many times I wouldn't know the name till the last line.  right now, it seems my poetry train is actually back on track again and picking up speed!  I'll shoot in a couple more - one from today and one of my favorites about Teachers.  Thanks for your nice comment! Love - RIJ


Juicy spontaneity all the way through.

I don't remember the source but I do remember it being said that Your whole Being is being incarnated into multiple forms on multiple "time-lines" in multiple "areas" ALL THE "TIME".  So yeah, as Steve says, "anything IS possible!"  =)  

In my personal experience it can be suggested that: there may be only one soul which incarnates and animates the physical vessel for a human experience in a linear time space reality AND multiple vessels which are "used" for experience,or otherwise,in which "ONE" soul may in-habit different variations of life forms in any multitude of space-time dimensions all experiencing as well as SENSING, or having some awareness of being connected with,that which is also you all perceiving their individual reality while simultaniously possessing the knowingness of the others alike. I often sense a variety of "myselfs'.." perhaps that I've attracted to "my self" in an effort to bring realisation of such existence or to gain personal experience one must obtain in order to sufficiently progress inward as life developes or in-volves itself! BEAUTIFUL!!

To me, reincarnation seems to be the poetic form that the ancient world referred to DNA.  We might manifest fully the DNA of someone gone long ago or manifest it partially (Prarabdha Karma) on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and so on.  The unmanifest part of the DNA can stay dormant to pop up in one or more future humans  (Sanchita Karma) and whatever our DNA creates as we go along (spurred by Prarabdha and what we pick along the way) becomes a new  DNA load (Kriyamana + Sanchita Karma) to be 'spread about'.

So, along those lines, multiple reincarnations, sharing similar Prarabdha, can easily happen.

Of course, if we take away the illusion of time in all of this, stunning, chaotic fun is seen happening.

Simultaneity.Everything happens spontaneously actually and you become aware of this when you reach and occupy the Higher Planes.

In the long rung 'Time' doesn't exist so all these identities that most think happened in progression actually happened at once called 'Now".

I can't answer your specific question the way it was asked but it may have got mixed up and  you may have sensed the actual Truth that Simultaneity is the Truth of so-called Reincarnation.

Most unawakened humans need to understand, so progressions is what they can. Those advanced, awakened trans-humans on the Path of Return become aware that there is only 'Now' and that there is only ONE and you are it and All are You. Then you can be and are more than one identity at a time.


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