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Many discussions today seem to center around the "evils" of organized religion today and on the "evils" of organized religion in the past. There is another way of looking at the various religions of the world that might help to "resolve the paradox" of the meaning of orthodox religion and the esoteric way.

I might quickly add, that the nature of duality is something that needs to be addressed much more than it is in esoteric disccusion. A more comprehensive understanding of the real meaning of duality will open up the heart to wisdom untold.

This idea could be applied to the problem of orthodox religion and the esoterism that is becoming so widely known and praticed today. I think it's important for esoterists of any variety to study the nature of the Orthodoxy as well.

It doesn't matter what religion your looking at, all of them will have an orthodoxy and an esoteric school associated with them. Christians/Gnostics, Buddhism/ Dozgchen, Hinduism/Tantra, Islam/Sufism, and so on. Each path seems to have an inner wisdom or teaching associated with it. The esoteric teaching of each path is usually described as being "for the few"...let's call it the road less traveled.

The whole meaning of the hermetic philosophy of as above, so below, is attributable to everything under the Sun. There are no exceptions, point blank. Well, let's apply it here:

The orthodoxy is the wide path of which the masses, the people, the common man is associated, in the hermetic understanding, he is the Below; he is a reflection of the the Below. The esoteric way is the narrow path of which the few, the elect, the disciples are following, he is the Above, he is the reflection of the Above. Does this mean that those following the esoteric way are better than those of the orthodoxy? Absolutely Not!!! Why? Because of the nature of Duality and Unity are misuderstood and grossly misapplied. The nature of Unity is to resolve all differences found in the Duality. The Duality is Illusory in Nature, the Orthodoxy and the Esoteric are One. We are all One, if only the Eye be Single.

For those that would argue, I would say, remember, dear one, the true Master is Servant to all. The call of the Esoteric Way, is a call to the Unity, for the Eye to be Single. To the profound Wisdom that lies in the recognition of these things. Intense meditation and study of the same will lead to astonishment, so step up lightly, humbly, but boldly, and turn thy Face to the Sun of Glory.

Many would argue, what of the Wars fought in the Name of Religion...any serious student of esotericism must needs have grappled with the nature of Evil. If you have not, get busy, you have much work to do. It doesn't matter what path you are on, the answers are all inside of you already. Seek them, Find them.

Have you issues with your brother who follows the Orthodox way? Do you think that he is wrong to follow this way because wars have been fought in the name of Religion? Then what wisdom have you to teach your brother?

Ask yourself this question..."Who would do violence to the Rose, to force open its petals before Nature hath of her Wisdom decreed that it Bloom?

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Quite an eloquent and poetic phrase with regard to the rose.

The only clarification necessary here is to suggest that wars have been been waged through ignorance alone, it is the wrath born of spiritual & intellectual sloth.

The gem which rings true...

"remember, dear one, the true Master is Servant to all" ~Selah


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