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What is a Psychic Astronaut you may ask?...
...Well the term came out in the 1970’s, there were 2 Remote Viewers, One was Ingo Swann and the other was Harold Sherman. Both took psychic trips to Jupiter and Mercury before NASA’s Space Probes Mariner 10 and Pioneer 10 explored them. Both remote viewers were able to discover things that went against the science of the day, I don’t know how many of the visions were verified but visions were verified by the probes and some scientists were very surprised, while others I am sure were probably thinking “lucky guess”, I was one of the later, sorry Ingo. Ingo Swann is still with us but I am unable to contact him, I hope you’re well Ingo :) Harold has passed over to the other side, Peace Harold! Interestingly Ingo Swann did some remote viewing studies for the C.I.A. in a project called the Stargate Project.The project is now declassified and you can check out some of the C.I.A’s declassified files here.  This is amazing stuff even thought the C.I.A. found the remote viewing studies didn’t yield any creditable proof that remote viewing was feasible.

Psychic Astronaut is the title of the story...
...and YES I am a Psychic Astronaut. When I was 19 years old I was working full time and finishing up 2 major credits in high school. I was exhausted beyond belief. I Came home from work went down into my psychedelic funky room, put on "Dark Side of the Moon's - Great Gig In The Sky", cranked on some black-lights, sat down and lit up a cigarette, cracked open a beer and lit up a doobie. I was only half way through the doobie when I realized I was out of my body. Instantly I was near a black hole at a Quasar. I could see huge asteroids, a nebula and large objects floating around me in all directions. I could hear what sounded like a tuning fork the size of a planet resonate with a strong deep harmonic resonating frequency, but sound doesn't travel in empty space, so it had to be something else. I could see the Black Hole and the Gravitational Lensing around the black hole, it was beautiful, beyond words and More 3D than 3D. There was a huge amount of energy floating in a disk orbiting the black hole. Instantly I am in the energy disk, known as the accretion disk. I could hear, feel and see the energy, it was a bright yellow / orange, it crackled like the static sound you hear on a radio in between stations. The energy burned
but it didn't hurt, I could feel and sense everything, but not pain. I was getting stretched apart further and further as I approached the Black Hole itself, this is known as tidal forces and spaghettification.
The energy around me was getting louder and the temperature was I believe getting hotter, but I can't remember for certain because I didn't believe in psychics, remote viewing or ESP, so I never wrote or recorded the experience, I am remembering as best I can. You see I thought this was just a genus imagination. I was approaching the black hole, hotter and hotter, louder and louder beyond words, and then...stone cold silence. I was in the black hole itself; there was no light, no sound, nothing, nothing, nothing...except for a bright white nucleus. Everything around me was dark and more and more darkness was filling up the black hole. I realized that as more and more energy fell into the black hole from the outside it was converting into space time on the inside. The inside of the black hole was Massive! I tried to fly to the Black Holes bright white nucleus but I couldn't reach it, it shot away from me into the center of the black hole. I flew as fast as I could but it was unbelievably fast, faster than astro travel itself, it seemed to be the only limitation to where I could go and what I could experience. Then I was shot out of the top of the Black Hole through its Jet Stream, I was traveling faster than you can imagine. This is when I heard the Voice of all Voices say, "WE ARE ALL ONE". This is when I realized Black Holes created the Space-Time, Existence, Dark Energy, basically the stuff we EXIST in. From this vision I realized all Existence may in fact come from energy as it falls into black holes. Energy creates Space-Time= V, V = mc^3 or V = Ec. You ready for this, I didn't know about Tidal Forces or cool theory's of black holes filled with space time, yet I experienced these things. I didn't know about Quasar Jet Streams traveling faster than light, I experienced this as well. Well, get this physicists are starting to quietly look at this description and the only people that flame it are the people that for whatever reason just want to say it isn't correct.  The silent indifference I receive from the scientific media is painful, as no one on earth truly knows for certain, it is best not to say anything either way, if this description is wrong they will loose their careers and be discredited. BUT I WAS THERE MAN!! I traveled through a black hole at a Quasar. Now, I could have confused the Tidal forces for the creation of space time as I never knew what tidal forces were and I never recorded the experience as Psychics aren't real right? man am I kicking myself today for that.

You ever hear about people going to heaven?...

...Well last year I honestly believed that when I died that that was that. Everything shuts down, my senses, my understanding, everything. Death was the final end, the final frontier of nothingness, well my mind has changed, I am not saying yours has to but mine has. You see every culture know to man, over time has recorded many experiences of people that have come back from the dead. Many, not all, but many have something like this in common. A Creeping Darkness, A River Of Light and of course the White Light. When I die I feel that it is the Nucleus of a black hole that my, spirit or whatever it is, travel's to, perhaps a cosmic sperm fertilizing the egg of God, notice I used the word perhaps. Heaven for me today is in a black hole, but Please feel and believe whatever it is you need to believe, who am I after all, just one man that Remote Viewed a Black Hole at a Quasar.

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Sweet thanks Mike, yea I am Certian like 100% it was a black hole.  I put this here in the psychic forum and no one thinks this is a big deal, But if the vision was right and it wasn't a halousination than this is a description for dark energy, I did a whole site devoted to it here  Oh and this isn't my ego speaking but I am Christ, hows that for different eh?  No one here believes that I am Jesus, but I am really Kevin, like I know who I am, but the man in the religions text is me, they just called him Christ. 


Anyhow Peace Love and Groovy Is all I can say, oh and YES the CIA does have RV'ers that bang DMT and view people, thing is these people do not understand that they are playing with real fire (Like God), Oh Well...what you going to do eh?  Live and Let Live is my Motto, I had one one night come into me, I just meet it with LOVE and it ended, Love is the strongest force in Nature, Stronger than the pull of a Black Hole. 


Thanks again Mike and Heal Evil with Love :) Brother from another Mother.

Thanks for your feed back M7...The CIA is controlled by the Rockefellers and Rothchilds.  Altruism is a Genetic Characteristic that certain people are born with, what the percentage of the population that is Altruistic I do not know. Altruism is real, there are people that think more about others than they do themselves.  To the ruling classes that win in a monetary based system, which roots are in Authority that being Rule of others, Altrusim is considered a Weakness and a stupidity, you see the strong shall survive!!!  Right is Might and all that psychotic nonsense.  These are sick misguided people that conventuently argue for the usage of Eugenics (Human Farming and Slaughter) because they do not have to practice the Eugenics on themselfs, the game you and I and everyone reading post are forced to play, the ruling class control, they have all the cards being all the money, their the casino, they are to government and the casino ALWAYS WINS...


Well SOME people (not all) are awakening and chosing another path, I am and I am taking others that want to come with me on a path to Peace and Paridise, you see there is no cool aid where we are going, the cool aid is here, it is Aspartame, Vaccines, it is the Prison Educational School System, it is CNN, it is the God Dam Programming on TV, you know why they call it progeamiing? Because they are programming us, unplug from TV and TALK to other people, do not be Alone.  It is the Government that lets you vote in another telaprompter reader that isn't YOU VOICE, this is the cool aid.  The Cool Aid is believing that we must Grow up and Learn that I must look after myself first and others second, BULLSHIT is all I can say about that, there is more to others than there is to self!  All other Altruists I run into are so soft and kind and caring they have little for them selfs, in my world WE LOOK AFTER OURSELVES, Only Altruists can COME. 


God I am so feed up with this system, I have a way of life that isn't perfect because nothing is perfect, but it is a direction and it is a direction away from self and towards others, there is no LEADER, so I am not a Leader...there is no head to cut off there is no Single Authority.  


I really Am the Antichrist, which means I am Jesus, I am an Anarchist, I am into Living Back with Nature and NOT messing with here Genes!!!!!  Like Monsanto's and other OMG companys are!!!!  I can't turn water into wine BUT I can turn Wine into Water!!!!  hehehe, our biology is a Miracle, everyone is trained for Jesus doing magic tricks, but just look around you, the magic is everywhere, a simple flower is a Miracle.  God the Vatican really messed up a lot of people, I am so disapointed with them...sorry no time to edit, got to fly but if you say you are JFK I will believe you, if you say you can summon a Submarine I Believe you, because you want to know what, NOTHING SURPRISES ME NOW I KNOW ESP IS REAL, LIKE NOTHING Suprises me!!!  I will take your word for it,  Just please be careful with the CIA, they are NO Ones friend as they are controlled by the Rockefellers and the Rothchild familys...NOT By the people for the people, but By the Family for the Family, they are not your or anyone's friend. 


These Psychopathic familys will kill Christ, for Christ sake, that is how sick these bastards are...sorry I am ranting, please forgive me.  The people that work for the CIA honestly feel they are defending their country, but they have been taken over, and nothing is as it seams, but I do know one thing M7, I AM The CHRIST they talk about and I am not going to stop till Nature is Healed and my Angels are off of this planet and Altruism takes over Selfishness, the Meek will Inherit the Earth, I will not stop, and I will get a fellowship, not a following but a fellowship of other Altruists, because I have had it with this stupid system we follow today.  I am booking it baby!~  J.C. Is in the House :) 


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