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We live inside the matrix cube as shadows cast upon Saturns walls.
To escape the "great cycle of time" (black cube) inner enlighten must be
"Sun/Christ" is that center which one cruxifies the ego.  This opens the
heart to the frequency of compassion and unfolds the cube (cross) causing a
hyper jump(hyper cube). Compassion& Love (evoL) are like Sun&Saturn; Saturn
is an emotion of self interest while Sun brings warmth to all without self
interests. Center Sun/Christ Son (heart) is the gateway (hyper cube) out of

-Saturn/Satan(black sun) the polarity of center(external super ego) and
the limits of our physical dimension (Matix cube).
-All complex life is carbon based:

-6 protons -6 neutrons -6 electrons

666= In this situation wisdom is needed. Let the person who has insight
figure out the number of the beast, because it is a human number. The
beast's number is 666.-Revelations 13:18
-In the begining God was static. Looking to escape his loneliness he
became drawn towards the mystery of the darkwaters. God laid with her
desolving  himself in her black sheets(dark matter). This union gave birth
to the physical dimension of spacetime  duality(cube);the birth of
Atom/Atmen/Adam/men= individuality.

-Spacetime is the result of an electromagnetic cavitation (cymatics)in a
body of darkmatter (waters of the deep). The electrical spark within the
darkwaters created a spacial void. In the contained void energy oscillates
creating geometric relations of energy (the three forces;electro
magnetism-strong&weak-gravity) .

Energy can transform(hyper jump) out of Megatrons Cube.

-The ego is an instictive animal that is animated by electrical
signals(spirit).Ascension(death&transcend) is only possible if the ego is
over powered by awareness. This is achieved through
morality&knowlegde(wisdom),this is how one developes a soul.The ego can
exsist in the physical world for it only has tools for the needs&wants of
this world. If awareness is the developement of electrical systems(soul) it
has no wants or needs of the physical prision's .Death&Pain are void in the
unified field, only truth remains. If you are an egocentric person you will
not transcend(evolve)because oneness can not be divided.

It's the inevitable play of cause and effect between polar
positions.(good&bad;truth&ignorance;1's&0's) Eventually the equation will
balanced out and the remainder(that which does not fit) will be dropped
We are pre-exsisting information, the experience of time is the uploading
of that information.

Time is a loop within a controlled system.
Time is a measurement of movement between individual objects.
Individual objects arises when singularity is divided into space.
If the divisions weren't contained within the box/matrix seperation
would perpetuate until unity was lost forever.
The universal mind uses the box to experiences infinit possiblities
and maintains control so not to delute into oblivion. The great
works resets when individuality reaches oblivion. Those that awaken in
each cycle are the process of reuniting or remembering.
Saturn is one of the key cogs in the gears of time. I do believe
time manipulation takes place but I believe it's written into the system.
We live
in a box of time and space. Our program playsout the predetermined path
until the great cycle turns the clock back to zero. This is not mans
doing for men have no control of their own will let alone the timeline.
The timeline is the great experiment that brings the few out of
the many,seperates the ones from the zeros,cultivates souls to the
great awakening of judgement.


Many ancient religions and mythologies are stories of a astronomical
event that occur every 13,000yrs. Within a cycle of 26,000yrs (which is the
percessionary cycle of earths movement within the constellations) we go
through the galactic plan (intersellar cloud) twice. The ancients tracked
this cycle by using the 12 constellation or zodiac clock. Below is one
example of this clock hidden in religious text. The cross of the zodiac is
the 4corners of it's clock and in the bible they are called the 4beasts
surround Gods thrown/Sun.

V 7. "And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a
calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was
a flying eagle."
-Revelation 4:7

This throne is surrounded by 4beasts, lion/Leo, bull/Taurus, man/Aquarius,
Eagle/scrorpio. The Eagle is the acended Egyptian scorpio. The Eagle is the
same Eagle that has a snake in it's mouth. This snake is the constellation
Ophiuchus that's inbetween Scorpio&Sagittarius, it's the 13 hidden
zodiac(interstellar cloud).
A Breeze from the Stars
NASA spacecraft are monitoring an interstellar wind coming from the
constellation Ophiuchus.

Inbetween Scorpio and Sagittarius is the serpent,this is the warning
that all religions give hidden within their texts. In astronomy the
serpent is the galactic spiral arm(ionized hydrogen cloud).
         Below I have provided NASA documents to back my claims.
   I can provide more info!

"In the direction of the SCORPIO-Centaurus OB association, a young cluster
of very luminous stars located about 200 parsecs or so from the Sun, there
is an abrupt change in the density of our Local Bubble at a distance of a
few tens of light years suggesting that the observations are encountering
increased gas density, perhaps from the expanding shell of gas that has
energized by the Sco-Cen 'superbubble also called the `Loop I Bubble
hundred parsecs from the Sun and detected a pattern of emission that
indicated a dense cloud located about 17-35 parsecs from the Sun towards
Galactic Center in SAGITTARIUS. In a 1983 Nature article ( vol 302, p. 806)
Francesco Paresce proposed that the Local Fluff is the low density, ionized
outer layers of this cloud, and that the SUN has just recently entered the
outer regions of this dense cloud."

We are entering this highly charged ionized cloud which is the cause of
climate change, earthquakes, increased volcanic activity, and major
changes to the solar system.

The heliosphere that surrounds our solar system is entering the
cloud. The heliosphere is produced by our suns exhaust and magnetic
What happens when these two fields begin to cross?
Earths magnetic field(magnetosphere) begins to develope holes. This has
happened, it's a fact there is a huge hole in
the southern hemisphere and this is the real reason for barium
chemtrails spraying (Barium reduces radiation exposure).

They say our atmosphere is being compressed. This would be due to
the  density of the cloud(it's like putting a balloon at the bottom
of a pool,it would shrink).
This compression would also take affect upon our sun heliosphere.

"Simulations over the past decade have shown that Jupiter and Saturn could
drift around in the early solar system when gas was still present, and in
some cases could move inward and then back outward to roughly their current
 *Saturn is the key cog:
 Nasa says they can't explain the origins of the hexagon of Saturn but it's
quit simple really.
  Cymatic shows that frequencies create geometric formations. As we
approach the interstellar cloud Saturns frequency is the first celestrial
body to react to the clouds high frequency causing a cymatic hexagon
effect. Once our heliosphere is completly submerged into the cloud the
solar system compresses like a balloon at the bottom of a pool. Saturn
relocates to the north pole of earth and it's poles flip. This is why the
ancients knew of the cube/six pointed star. This is also why the new ground
zero memorial has a room with a world atlas of earths north pole on the
floor with two pillars on both sides. Between these pillars is the eye of
Osiris (Saturn Daath of the tree of life). This is also why Santa (aka
Saturn) lives at the north pole;). Saturn is the time keeper of the "Great
cycle" which brings judgement to all the good&bad little

Revelation 21:16 tells us that the New Jerusalem is a perfect cube with
length, width, and height of 12,000 furlongs. (fifteen thousand miles)

Revelation 21:16 KJV
"And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth:
and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The
length and the breadth and the height of it are equal." ... ns-clouds/

"One of the most bizarre weather patterns in the solar system has been
photographed at Saturn, where astronomers have spotted a huge, six-sided
feature circling the north pole.

Rather than the normally sinuous cloud structures seen on all planets that
have atmospheres, this thing is a hexagon.

The hexagon is nearly 15,000 miles (25,000 kilometers) across."

The Hexagon of Saturn and New Jerusalem in the bible are the exact same
size, New Jerusalem is the same size as the Cube of Saturn.

Saturn may have been very close to us at one time (allowing the ancients
to see the hexagon),but then it was pushed outwards from center to it's
current location once we left the cloud.
It's said Zeus (Jupiter) dethroned his father Chronus (Saturn) and through
him into Tartarus. NASA has said, if we were to enter a interstellar cloud
the Heliosphere of the Sun would compress down to the orbit of Jupiter
(Zeus) leaving Saturn (Chronus) outside the heliosphere in a area NASA has
named Tartarus.

Every planet is undergoing extreme changes.

-interstellar medium;"If we ran into one, it would compress the Sun's
magnetic field and allow more cosmic rays to penetrate the inner solar
system, with unknown effects on climate and life."-NASA
"Our Sun’s explosive energy output forms an immense, complex magnetic
fields structure. Hugely inflated by the solar wind, this colossal bubble
magnetism known as the heliosphere stretches far beyond the orbit of Pluto,
from where it controls the entry of cosmic rays into the solar system. On
its way through the Milky Way this extended atmosphere of the Sun affects
all planetary bodies in the solar system. It is itself influenced by slowly
changing interstellar conditions that in turn can affect Earth’s
habitability. In fact, the Sun’s extended atmosphere drives some of the
greatest changes in the near-Earth space environment affecting our
magnetosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere, and potentially our climate."

July 15, 2010:  "NASA-funded researchers are monitoring a big event in our
planet's atmosphere. High above Earth's surface where the atmosphere meets
space, a rarefied layer of gas called "the thermosphere" recently collapsed
and now is rebounding again."

"Important clues may be found in the way the thermosphere rebounds. Solar
minimum is now coming to an end, EUV radiation is on the rise, and the
thermosphere is puffing up again. Exactly how the recovery proceeds could
unravel the contributions of solar vs. terrestrial sources."
-jupiter lost it's large brown band
- Saturn is having lighting storms like never seeing,and it's icy
moons are showing signs of melting.
- uranius and Neptune are both developing storms never seen
- Pluto is even showing signs of melting(the cloud is
- Mars caps are melting
- Mercury is developing a stronger  magnetic field.
- Venus has become volanic and it too has developed lighting.NASA
once believed lighting to be impossible on Venus.
- The sun had a long slumber, longer than any solar min. recorded and
solar max promises to put on a hell of a show.
The cloud has introduce a large amount of energy into the solar
system while putting pressure on it and heating the planets up.

All these changes are processes of reboot (new cycle) which the Elites are
ready for. After the destuctive cycle plays out Transhumanism-Venus project
will begin, and hyper jumping (spiritual evolution).

A galaxy is
like a computer, the source of information comes from galactic center and
released as a galactic burst. The burst creates a superwave of
energy(information), as it passes through star systems the stars act as
relays for the information by absorbing the energy. That energy is then
shared with each star's companions through the filiment portal that connect
The information then rewrites DNA (neutrino have been found to alter the
nature of carbon once released from the sun) or wipes it out. Those whos
heart and mind that have been cleanzed of the ego no longer have the mark
of the beast 666 carbon on their hands/works and forhead/thoughs. Their
spirit is at the right frequency to hyper jump. Evolution doesn't crawl it
jumps that's why we can't find missing links between fossiles of connected
species. The next jump for man is consciousness of mind into higher

Those who are making the hyper jump will face a new higher dimension of
duality while those left behind will either die and reboot into the cycle
and or merge with the new breed of humanity.

I believe both positive and negative are symbiotic in spacetime.

I believe we manifest reality on a personal level and we can control our
surrounding subgroups but not the big picture. I believe the big picture is
hardwired into the story we wrote for our self. I also believe date naming
like 12/21/2012 has been pushed worldwide so when shit doesn't happen on
that day many will say "see it was all BS". This will cause the truth to
fade from those who were on the path to hyper jumping, trapping them in
   What you have learned about Saturn (those who have studied the negative
perspective) has been filtered through the social constuct that was created
by the Church in the Dark ages. It's all about psychology when it comes to
the devil/ Satan. They don't want you to look into what they call evil
because that's where they hide the truth(hidden Daath of wisdom). It also
prevents people from looking inn wards to correct their ego lies which
they've hide in their shadow self. The elites know this hidden knowledge
but don't want the masses to know in fear that they will lose power to them
which can undermine their "Great Works".

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