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I have a disorder that gives me a limited amount of time to focus on any given thing. Even under the best of circumstances: no noise or distractions, my attention flies off. While I'm working on some different strategies to return to normal mental functioning, I am always seeking different techniques. Since I'm getting psychiatric assistance, I thought why not seek more occult or non-traditional techniques as well? They say once you've done or are doing everything you can in the practical, then you can turn to other methods. Or someone told me that at some point in my life about magic. I just roll with it (memory recall is another area of my mental functioning that has become impaired).

So I'm pretty much open to trying almost anything. Suggestions are most welcome. I would truly enjoy being able to read some of the longer discussions on this site, so that I can take part.

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There is no royal road to focus. 

Practice and gradual development is the only way it can be built.

You also can't appeal to that fact you have a "disorder"  

This is an esoteric board, we're hip to the fact mind is more powerful than body.

Pick any topic or activity and time yourself to see how long you can focus thinking about it/doing it.

Then either daily or semi-daily, but with full commitment to improvement, sit down and do the same exercise, but make an intention to beat your previous time.

If you can stay along the same line of thought for even 10 minutes that is fair,  30 minutes is decent, and 60 minutes is excellent.

exactly, practice and effort, dedication to a cause, whatever it takes, discipline is a self-motivated thing, or it is no-thing at all.


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