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I was doing my daily meditation and projection exercises in bath. I blessed the water and meditated, left my body and I was swirling around the room like a stream of waterish substance in a ball form. I had no feet or head I was just a stream of liquid. After a while I got bored of my room so decided to try go outside. With that thought like a lightning I flew through the roof which felt like water as well and up to a temple on the clouds. At the temple door was an old man with a staff. I thought I was there so wanted to enter.

He stopped me and told me this isn’t my destination I’m not there yet. I wanted to know where am I supposed to be? With that one thought I flew upwards again through 6 more of these gates with men there. Each layer feeling like water, like passing a surface of water.

Suddenly I stopped rising and found myself floating around a stream of rainbow light. It was everywhere all of everything around me was rainbow light. Inside the rainbow light there was music like a choir and faces shaping out of the light. Each were a different face yet each belonged to the same one rainbow. They all floated within the light forming the rainbow and the rainbow formed them at the same time.

I was curious so I floated inside that rainbow, when I entered it a shape of a man came to me and welcomed me there. The man wanted to know why I am here? I requested a healing for a friend I said.

He asked to follow him instead, so I did. We arrived at an actual garden which I was surprised to see since everything else was pure light.  It was the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. There were many people dancing and making crowns of flowers. At the right side there was a throne of stone covered with flowers and engraved with all kinds of symbols and shapes.  Across the field on the opposite side of this throne there were two pillars, one black and one white again with flowers spiraling around them. Both with faces on them, one looking like the sun and one like the moon. Between the two pillars there was a tree and it had small orange grape like fruits.

The old man stood up from his throne and gave me one of these fruits. Told me to eat it and I will never suffer. As I put the fruit in my mouth a huge eye appeared on the sky and was watching me so very closely it could see all of me that I was am and will be. Suddenly as I swallowed the fruit I felt like im falling very fast and I fell all the way down above my house again. But as I stopped falling the stream that was my body again, vanished it evaporated and I was air, even subtler than air. I was a stream of breath between the particles and one with the electric current that held all particles of matter together and electrified it, causing life and consciousness to emerge. This stream had created the particles and was the one and only life that ever was. All consciousness that is now, is only a drop part of this eternal stream of electricity that flows through everything.

As I was one with this stream I felt like I am at my house, my parents’ house, friends, work, trees and everywhere all at the same time. I could feel every change by how the current I was in moved. Any question I had I knew the answer of at the same time as asking it. It was like I wasn’t me I was a current and I was everywhere at the same time, in all times that we know. This current was everywhere so all time we know happened all at the same time, spiraling around.

I got scared than because I started losing sense of who I am. I couldn’t feel my body I felt I had no material body I was a stream of electricity and started losing sense of me of an I. I got scared because I wasn’t able to understand who me is anymore and with that emotion I fell right back into my body. It took me 15 min to actually awake fully and 5 min to be able to move fully. I sat there a while unable to make my arms move.

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Thanks for sharing this very detailed and personal experience.  The sequence, as well as the details of the events, are interesting.  I have had limited experience with astral projection and virtually never entered into an astral projection in the sense of a controlled exit.  On the other hand I have had very many inner journeys which employ specific methods and could be called shamanic only in that i "walk between worlds" or that i move into altered mental states that put me in contact with my Higher Self and other subtle beings which have provided inner guidance to me for over 30 years.  My impression over time has been that deep dreams, astral projection, dream work, and inner journeys are at different levels of the same spectrum of consciousness.


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