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I've been on this matters for years, not that i'm old, i'm 24 but i was into it when i was only 9 and never saw anything like this.

The problem is someone is bothering me & my wife, She saw him too, although she is not that much into it, But she saw him too.

Let me get in the details a bit more,

I have a relative who she is also into this matters , I mean metaphysics, we were connected somehow, then we had a heavy fight and i don't talk to her anymore because of things she said to me & my wife. I just don't .

First time it was night & we were sleeping when i felt a presence in the room, I tried to wake up  but i couldn't. I just could raise my head a few inches, then i fell asleep, like there was a VERY HEAVY PRESSURE on my head. But before going down i saw someone (him) near the windows, standing and smiling & what i can say for sure is that he wasn't happy or friendly, he was aggressive like he was feeling he is in the place of power and we can do nothing about him.

A few days later my wife also told me she saw someone describing the EXACT details i saw.

That was the first one,

The Second one was in my home, in my bedroom, again, the presence , the pressure, the man.

The third time i was ready for it, I made a shield around the bed, I felt the presence and got conscious, and by conscious i don't mean physically but mentally conscious.

I saw him coming but the shield didn't allow him to pass. He got angry and confused so much, then he left.

The next few weeks i continued each night making the shield but suddenly i was out of energy, I just couldn't. Good news is that he didn't came those nights.

The forth time, he came into my bedroom, Oh, i almost forgot to say,a few days back, Her mother (my relative's mother) came to my home, yelling on me and my wife, saying whatever she wanted, when she was going i told her to tell her daughter not do that anymore or i'll hurt him, she said " I don't know what you're talking about", she was lying.

As a side effect of some practices i am able to read others mind on some special conditions.(i can't explain anymore.)

I was really tired of it all, it wasn't a game i enjoyed playing. I got VERY angry and felt the anger & hatred in my veins, that night he came, and i didn't made the shield deliberately, he came and saw me waiting for him, Suddenly all those anger and hatred came up and unleashed, i smashed him to a mental wall, trapping him but before i could do anything else he was gone.

He didn't came back for a while but I'm sure he will.

I really don't know what to do, should i try to hurt him? Not a good idea. I just want him to go his way.

Please tell me, Did you have similar experiences? Any ideas what to do? How to find who he is exactly?


Some things i needed to say:

From the things i know, He is probably my relative .

It is possible to change the astral appearance (but it's considered a dark move.)

I think he is trying to hurt my wife because he (she) believes my wife is the cause of our problem, which she isn't really.

Most of these memories were forgotten (from my brain's memory)  but i recovered the with meditation.

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Thanks for your answer,

I really really appreciate it.

Before joining esoteric i was in deep doubt if it is right to do so, to share my situation , but now i'm sure i did the right thing.

thanks again.

"might be this connection that is projecting negative energy into your life" was shocking to me. I never think of it this way...

I will look into it in depth.

Thank you so much.

The male being presence experience is like this, Feeling the presence, Can't do anything, Fall asleep, no smells, tastes, no sudden change in temperature as far as i remember. He was standing on the ground.

About his goal, i really don't know, but he looked at me, smiling like his saying i'm the one with power, you can't do anything, don't know how to describe it.

It was more of a shadow rather than a sharp image but you know, messages transfer on that level need no sharp image. it just transfers.

i believe it was started right after the breakup,

I felt other presences before but not this one. Mostly negative low rank entities.

There's another thing i didn't mention up there,

Today is my father's death anniversary (if that's the word for that) .

He passed away 1 year ago suddenly , after that i always sensed that there was something wrong with his death, like if he wanted to tell me something but didn't, or couldn't or simply haven't the time to do so.

So i started to go deep, digging deep and deeper to find the answers,

One day my relative told me she had a dream about me, Me standing on a rock, trying to pull out my father's body out of dark ocean & i was deeply sad (which i was but didn't tell anyone, i'm also incredibly good at masking my real emotions.) . She said i shouldn't continue . I told her i will.

But after a while i thought what if what i am doing is wrong? and stopped.

Another strange thing was that many saw my father in their dreams, which some of them was real deal, I checked their dream details and there was some sings, private signs between me & my father .

The thing is i never dream him or could contact him , like if something somehow is blocking the connection.

If i'm feeding him/her why he/she didn't come back?

Servitors ... ?

That could work if i was sure he is not going to hurt or even explode my astral body!

But what you say is true, I should try that. Positive Feelings create an armor.

I should try that.

Thanks John, So much Thanks!

I agree with John. This being seems to be borne from the hostility between you and your relative, and if she is indeed sending the entity out of her negative feelings towards you and your wife, the best way to counter it would be through absolute positivity and forgiveness. Anger and hatred would only strengthen the negativity, which is likely this being's essence.
Whether your relative still holds on to negativity, if you forgive her, you will release yourself from her hostile bond. This creature shouldn't have power over you if you don't let the person creating it have power - if you forgive her and drop your negative feelings for her(cease allowing her existence or actions to effect your emotions negatively).
Try this and tell us how it works.

hello SamG! 

hope things are better with you now! 

i read your story and the replies! such thing din t happen to me, but i helped people who had similar incidents.

i think that it could be a materialisation of your anger towards that lady, am not saying its your imagination, but its an entity that you created through your anger towards her, and since you had the ability to contain it, and fight it, it won t come back anymore!!!! 

all i can say, is congratulations, for having such a big heart to be able to contain your anger! Bravo! 


could this be your negative energy escaping from your thought process and manifesting itself in an astral prjection to challenge your 9th plane of existance?


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