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Sonic 'Healing' Frequencies:

I saw a youtube vid on two healing frequencies of vibration and did the math.

  528 Hz          and   432 Hz (Vertice A?)

     2 to the 9th  "        2 to the 4th x 3 to the 3rd

1   2                              2                                    =    2
2   4                                                   x   3          =    6
3   8                             4                                     =   12
4  16                                                   x  9          =   36
5  32                             8                                    =   72
6  64                                                   x 27         = 216
7 128                          16                                     = 432 Hz
8 264
9 528 Hz

Any thoughts/insights?

What's a 'Vertice A'??


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This post appeals to me in so many ways - although my insights are pretty of the numerological norm. It's the same with your insight on my taoist blog post - the subtleties of such math are beyond me. I do understand the primacy of these numbers (such as the fact that the 64 hexagrams the I Ching maps relate to genetic code numbers as well as up here) and listen to the different solfeggio videos. Thanks, Neophyte.

Thanks Sav :-)

My aim was to help people see that complex seeming values of natural things like sound frequencies all have very simple numbers involved which can allow you to check when things have become 'corrupted' by the human way of looking at things over the Whole-istic way.

I've been looking at musical notes and octaves recently and realised that Music 'revolves' around 2 and 3. The OCTave (ABCDEFGA - 8 notes 8 = 2 to the power 3, 2x2x2) fit perfectly around a circle!

The 7 notes have 5 'half' notes that complete our musical scale making 12 notes, evenly spaced through an octave of frequencies (the 1st frequency doubled (x2) gives the end 2nd frequency). if you place all 12 around a circle as you do on a watch or clock the 7 'whole' notes form a modified hexagon pattern on the face - 6 sides - 6 = 2x3. All 12 frequencies can be calculated from the Prime note frequency using only multiples of 2 and 3 in combination 3/2, 4/3, 16/9 etc.

Harmony is achieved through just 1, 2 and 3 (always remembering 0!)

For those into music i've posted a few pics on frequencies and hope to post more shortly.


a bit off the main topic, but can somebody explain why modern music uses 440 hz and not 432 hz

Apparently when the 19th and 20th century conferences are going on to create a global standard for orchestra performance. According to WQXR:

For a time, a standard (if one could call it that) was A425. This was perfect because string instruments of the time were using gut strings—strings made from the intestines of animals. Tuning at a higher frequency would cause those belly bands to break; likewise, they sound terrible when tuned lower.

But just like orchestra size and the role of conductor, the turn of the 19th century proved to be a turning point for the orchestral sound. Concert halls were getting bigger, and ensembles needed to fill all that space with sweet sound. Coincidentally, instrument construction — especially for strings, was improving. And since tuning higher leads to a “brighter” sound, orchestras all over began tuning up from A425. Things kind of got out of control, and by 1859 the French government declared that A435 was the proper pitch. It quickly became a sort of new standard for instrument makers. 26 years later, at that Viennese music conference, a few slip-ups here and there bumped the standard up from A435 to A440. And we’ve been rocking with it ever since.

Wow didn't know that, thank you for sharing. Also, there are theories swirling saying that songs in 440 hz are meant to sound more depressed than the same music in 432 hz. Have you ever heard of that? And is it true to a certain extent?

I'm a philosophical relativist more than a conspiracy theorist; how true something may be is comfortable territory. The other comment was mostly pasted from a website, and along the way I read a little more of what you're talking about since previous times, and in the last day checked around.

Music is a salvation in any age. We can take it at face value that the collective society sought a bright sound and common standard for tuning. We can also remind ourselves that this is the same society that thought you could heal people leeching blood out of their veins. The practices of the lower and professional classes imitate the sheer perversity of the ruling class. I suspect the people who standardized to A440 were basically good distinguished musical intellects with the usual moral conflicts.

And that got us to here, just a few dozen decades later. The same kind of slowly evolving minds who discovered the printing press are now writing code. neophyte shares his calculations with us on the worldwideweb, and soft ware applications help people stimulated by these revelations convert any music from 440 to 432. I  really like the math, and I do listen to music at these new tunings, just because I've been advised to. The collective depression - the Age of Anxiety - can certainly be healed.



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