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Among the circles of craftwork, a very particular science veils itself, full of mystery and one possessing rich history in its core.

"Soul Snatching"

Stories have surfaced from the depths of the world of the Witchy in nature. Tales that intrigue the listener by the ways powerful women have snatched pieces of a man's soul and work profoundly to place them in particular objects so that their target feels no rest, feels divided, and after they have passed from this physical plane, their ascension is restricted and thus remain chained in the limbo of the ether. Remaining at a standstill waiting for the Bruja's passing only to become her servant and slave while she lingers in the earthly realms settling her scores.

How would YOU personally battle against a Soul Snatcher, thirsty for victory and hungry for pain?.

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In example of a method practiced by snatchers goes as follows: Developing astral projection well enough to enter the victim's physical reality undetected. Lowering defense and protection mechanisms. Power of suggestion during the dream state, possession, isolation, influence of doubt and depression (breaking the will and reasoning), implementation of new and destructive behavioral patterns to keep the auras defense mechanism neglected, formation of an energy cord linking the three primal brains of the victim (The motor brain, the emotional brain, and the mental brain) to the selected vessel, nourishment and strengthening of the linking cord, burial ritual, consistent maintenance and working of the burial ground, formulation of energy shielding and sitting of spirits around the victim, draining life force of the victim, harnessing the vortex energy of the victim in the vessel and burial ground, force of suicide or death by any other means. (In many cases drug overdose). Weighing the soul down as it leaves its physical vehicle upon death, entrapment.

If such practices or craft is not available to you through your elders or ancestors. Perhaps you can look in the path of Voodoo magick and their particular mastery in the creation of zombies or zombie-like state in a target. These practices are said to have been developed in medieval and dark ages and survived through time all the way to Haiti and its revolution. When the slaves revolted against their masters but were instructed by their spirits and ancestors to "dumb-down" their targets before revolting.


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