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This is a site I ran across the other day and wanted to share it.

It is great for beginners who are just starting out questioning.

It is wonderful to use as a refresher.

I just thought it was very well put together and belonged here.


Click Here


What do you think?

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This is excellent material, it covers a lot of scientific areas and does a good job bringing science and spirituality together. I highly recommend it to anyone. I also think it would be good for use in schools as part of a comparative religion class, perhaps even on its own.

Thank you for sharing Mystic :-)

i love this series. i even got my boyfriend to watch it with me. :)

 Spirit Science gets a lot of flack from the general internet populace, but I have gained immensely from finding it about a year and a half ago, and wouldn't be the person I am without it. I don't necessarily believe all of the theories he takes from channelers, but the message he presents is immutable and vital for personal growth. Love yourself, and love everyone, and you will be happy. It's difficult to put into practice, and equally as difficult to maintain, but I know I'm a much more peaceful person because of it.

This series provides a great introduuction to sacred geometry. I kept forgetting to pick up a book on it for years after finding the flower of life in lot of my art histroy research. The show was able to open me up to all sorts of connections I missed and reinvigorate my desire to know more. As a result I have watched other you tube channels on it and began drawing with these methods myself. There are personal interpretations that I see more as an imaginative exploration of possibilities but that is the purpose of creating and sharing with each other :D So we can see from so many other views and find our own truth.



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