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As you may well know, divination is a craft in which its required ability and skills are exceptional. The gift of Divination is one given to those who did achieve it in a previous life. It is a gift for those whom in their study and practice carry themselves with discipline and dedication. Divination is unreal to some and an abomination to many. But to the esoteric apprentice, it is a spiritual right and tool which can be used in a way far beyond intellectual comprehension. These are some of the reasons why the ordinary people perceive mystery in divination. Reasons which create a justification for angry and envious behavior towards individuals who master the craft and penetrate the veil.

For those of us in our beginning stages of the study of the crafts. And for those currently developing the ability to seek knowledge in divination. Which is seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. Here are some tips before lighting your candle and divining with the dead. Before shuffling your new deck of cards to see what's in store for you. And better yet, before looking into the past to discover hidden messages.

To begin, it is important to prepare the setting in where you will be practicing divination. Make sure to set up a space embodying cleanliness for each session. Adorn the area in a way that is true to your path and personal likes. Clear your chosen space from any dwelling and negative energies. Banish any entities you haven't welcomed into your personal space and divination practice. It is best to have a neutral platform before performing divination. And do remember to keep some form of protection at all times.

A few and common techniques for clearing and cleansing:
1: Smudging 
2: Working sea salt 
4: Candle work
5: Conjuration 
6: Prayer
7: Psalm recitation 
8: Herbal spiritual bathing 
9: Working essential oils

After the preparation of your work area is accomplished. And after you have completed the cleansing of your surroundings. Proceed to center yourself and establish an atmosphere of serenity. Whether it's achieved by deep meditation, pranayama or Qi-gong exercises, it is necessary that you welcome calmness into your being. There is no resistance and projections when you're centered. Everything is spontaneous, alive, alert and active in the present moment. You experience your reality from a neutral standpoint, where you are neither happy or sad.

Centering is a skill that is beneficial for divination practices. It can help the practitioner to differentiate the sources of received information. And Centering can help in setting a wall of protection against exterior influences.

In the human body, there isn't a specific place designated to your center. But there are various physical regions associated with it. By working with them on a daily basis, not only can it assist your divination experience but it can also change your life.

Keys to centering: 
1: Conscious awareness of self and being out of the center. 
2: Develop a method and practice to center yourself.
3: Work your physical center located below the naval (Lower Dantien).
4: Work your emotional center located at the chest area.
5: Work the mental center located in the brain region.
6: Work the spiritual center located at the pineal gland and crown.

Successfully centering yourself will develop a sense of stillness. And when you have built your inner sanctuary, you may begin or start stimulating the vibrations and frequencies of your surroundings. You may use methods like drumming, rattling, splashing or any other types of instrumental sounds that can elevate the force fields surrounding you.

By raising the vibrations and frequencies in your surroundings, you can align yourself with deeper levels of clarity and dimensions where the substantial information resides. Keep present in mind, that you may discard making any sounds to raise vibrations and frequencies. And instead, raise your surroundings' vibrations and frequencies by connecting to earth's heartbeat. And including your own.

May your workings be fruitful


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