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Basils day, Sourvakars are out

At the beginning of the New Year Orthodox Church commemorates St. Basil the Great. He was a famous religious teacher, Christian thinker, philosopher and writer - one of the three Ecumenical Orthodox teachers, a prominent opponent of the Arian heresy. Because of his exemplary life and high erudition St. Basil is revered along with St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom as one of the three great teachers and Saints of the Orthodox Church.

Basil belongs to the idea of ​​active charity and doing good as an expression and realization of Christ's law of love and forgiveness. He organized the first charity monastic center in Caesarea, where his students give grants to sick and suffering.

Basil is still alive called by his contemporaries Great. His funeral flows across Caesarea. After his death, the church canonized him as a saint and celebrate his memory on the day of his death.

Basil, Vassilitsa or Survaki is a winter festival known throughout the territory of ethnic Bulgarians. 

For the festive table of Basil cars cock. Also rich, and on Christmas Eve, the table features meat dishes. In the ritual feast has pie or cake with steam, which put cornel twigs called domestic animals, health, house and wealth, describes the custom BTA.

Before dawn begins custom sourvakne. It is the typical New Year custom, known throughout the country.Sourvakars boys under 14 years of age.

Gathered in groups of several children, they walk the homes of their relatives and neighbors, starting from their home.Each child brings a fresh crop off and decorated bar, which has a special name - decorated cornel-twig, survachka, surovaknitsa, vasilicharka. Children hit by survachka each family member, starting with the oldest.


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Wow this is very interesting Anki. Thanks for sharing! Did you personally make the above piece?

Btw....first 11:11 of the New Year as well :)


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