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Swami Venkatesananda daily bhagavad gita readings-28 feb 2017

Venkatesanandaya Daily Reading (Bhagavad Gita) - 28 February

the threshold of liberation

ii:71 - vihaaya kaamaan yah sarvaan pumaamsh charati nihsprihah nirmamo nirahankaarah sa shaantim adhigacchati
ii:71 - the man attains peace who, abandoning all desires moves about without longing, without possessiveness, and without egoism.
the egoless man is not a lifeless stone.
he lives; only he lives.
he lives in god and god lives in him and works through him.
his actions are not governed by profit-motive.
he is not egoistic in whatever he does.

the egoless man is an inspiration to all mankind.
he is god on earth.
he possesses nothing, yet even an emperor is a pauper compared to him.
my master swami sivananda used to say: 'a samnyasin is one who has no bank balance of his own, but operates on the purses of all; one who has no house of his own, but dwells in the houses of all.'

the man who constantly uses the two words 'i want...' is a pauper even if he is an emperor; only a beggar is constantly in want.
on the other hand, he who is free from the sense of want is the emperor of emperors.
he is a sage, a man who has no desires, no sense of possessiveness and no egoism.

this is the greatest teaching.
this is the message of krisna.
my master was fond of this verse.
meditate on this verse every morning.
study daily stories of great sages like jada bharata who lived such a life of total renunciation, and yet moved about and even worked - jada bharata carried rahugana's palanquin - in this world.

desire is the cause of our woes.
desire binds us to samsara.
desire keeps us away from god.
desirelessness is the threshold of liberation.
you cannot even desire to be desireless.
true, desire for self-realization ends all other desires and, if it is genuine, ends itself.
but, even that desire has to be abandoned.
desire for god is desire, 'for god' is an after-thought.
desire and self come to an end when their source is investigated.

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