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I have been doing a lot of research, lately, on the elements and how they correspond with alchemy and the tarot. How does the Wu Xing relate these elements with the other two systems named here? I know the western systems have four main elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, but, in your own elemental system, how does Wood and Metal factor in? Does it help to greater understand the Sacred Mysteries? What do you all think?

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personally i think both wood and metal seem to factor earth. 

Yes I can see how those two elements would both signify earth. In my own elemental system, I have attributed the four main elements to our human evolution process. For instance, Earth is our foundation, our birth. Fire, is the journey or middle path-the "ignited" journey for illumination in the dark recess of Earth. Next, Water is the cohesive element which combines our life journeys into a constantly changing universe and our continuing quest for knowledge-as our life experience grows so does our knowledge-it is ever changing and evolving. Lastly, Air is our spirit, the ether, the transcendent element which freely roams about the universe in all of space and time.

I once read that the Metal is asosiated with the Octahedron, same as Air, and the wood as de Dodeca Same as Quintescence.


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