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Working with the cord has been a tradition in many esoteric systems like Wicca. Witches have managed to utilize fiber as a means to an end, and by implementing numerology and knot making to the use of fiber, they have facilitated a basic craft that can be handy in unexpected situations where a quick fix is the only solution and presenter of desired results.

Cord or Knot Magick as many refer to it is used for many purposes involving energy projection and energy drawing, in combination with the programming of Will and intent. The practitioner through cord magick is able to absorb amounts of energy and deposit that energy into a piece of fiber or cloth through projection while making knots on the long fiber cloth. The knots are then programmed to perform a function, in some cases to draw somebody close or to banish a rebellious neighbor away from your life.

In some instances, a witch will make a specific number of knots on a cord relating a specific date in which the desired effect is to take place. Or any numbers that have resonance with the witch's path and personal life. The Knots can very well be synchronized with the lunar cycles, solar settings, and risings. An interesting form of use of the cord/knot magickal craft is absorbing and harnessing the energy frequencies of a home as an initial act of banishment prior to moving in or moving out. When arriving at a new house where someone else has lived their life or when leaving a house in where you have lived and want to detach from the energy that built up in the house over the period of time you occupied it.

The cord/knot magickal craft can be used for bindings, open roads, attraction spells, revenge, prosperity spells, curses, love spells, etc. By tying the knots in order from top to bottom the witch can manifest something towards her and by tying the knots in order from the bottom to the top the witch can manifest something away from her. Knots can be buried, adorned and hung behind your front door if you have transformed your cloth into a cord with knots and into an amulet or protection charm. A cord with knots can be made of someone's t-shirt and with seven knots cause influence the seven chakras of the shirt's owner.

The making of the knots in cord magick can be timed to be made and distributed throughout a week or a lunar cycle while working to attract or expel during the waning and waxing stages. Setting one knot per day while working with the Moon as it wanes or waxes, combined with lunar goddesses or gods, has been a tradition among Wicca and many pagan systems of belief for a long time. In the same manner, pagans and Wiccans utilize cord/knot magick in correlation with their gods and goddesses. The esoteric practitioner can align the ingredients, synchronicity, willpower, and performance with his or her chosen deities, orishas, demons, and elementals.

The following information is intended to present an example of how cord/knot magick can be applied in detaching from the energy and heavy load of a previous house someone occupied and wishes to leave behind to start anew.


1: Take a large and old piece of cloth and tie it to your front door's doorknob for one night.

2: Light a black candle in the representation of the first day you opened that door. Envision and project on to the candle all the experiences you and your family had with this particular door. Using this door throughout the days and/or opening it to receive company.

3: On the following day remove the piece of cloth from the from door's doorknob and spread it open on the floor behind your front door. Next, step on it with your dominant foot and begin sliding your foot and the cloth to all corners of the house. From corner to corner envision and project all the undesired memories and people involved with those memories, on to the cloth.

4: Now take the old, dirty cloth, and make one knot while standing firm at each of the cardinal points of the house. Starting with the West cardinal point, then the South Cardinal point, then the North cardinal point and finally the East cardinal point. At each cardinal point state the following:

~ Knot 1 at West cardinal point: "To the winds of past, the clock is broke, not with me not you go. The bliss of strife has been depart, to disappear and shed no light".
~ Knot 2 at South cardinal point: "Enchanting eyes are now awake, freed from past, reborn to reign. Spin to life, spin to death, away from me now you stay."
~ Knot 3 at North cardinal point: " Never raise what word has broke, beneath the feet my knots will hold, the sacred creed of no return, to keep my peace and halt discord".
~ Knot 4 " In hopes of highs my thoughts remain, the glancing past, so lost and vague. Morgue to pain is open doors, shades of night, shades of joy".

5: When you have concluded the recitation above or any recitation of your choosing regarding this matter. Proceed by taking your cord with 4 knots and placing it in a glass jar half filled with razors, needles, and sharp construction nails. Shake the jar to mix your cord well with the sharp ingredients, then wrap the jar in barbed wire.

6: Head outside and find a place next to the home where you can dig a hole deep enough for the jar to fit in more than comfortable and that when sealed, the jar will be undisturbed by anyone or the natural cycles of climate like strong winds or rain. Dig deep and bury the jar and its contents to never see them again.

When you have completed this working feel free to perform any personal cleansings of your choosing or that you may find necessary. Know that Magick flows through many avenues and if incorporating new procedures of your liking to this formula will hand you better or faster results, welcome the revision and so mote it be.

May your workings be fruitful 
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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