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Various books and writings, including the bible, suggest that we are the creators of our own reality, and that with the most minute amounts of faith, we can move mountains.

I would like to discuss the possibilities, that maybe there is no external "God"or “universe“ that is providing and creating for us.

I am finding the possibilities of creation in my own life to be nothing short of miracles. I have drowned myself in liquor and lived years on the street as a heroin addict. I now live a productive happy life, I have everything I need, my life is perfect. I am now realizing through teachings of many spiritual paths, especially Buddhist compassion meditation, that I am wasting my second chance at life, fulfilling my own desires. It is time that I put my absolute best foot forward and do my part to start collecting like minded friends who would like to collectively focus on creating a better reality for all those around us.

I am willing to share my story of a miraculous recovery to anyone willing to listen, and maybe inspire just one person along the way

I love you all thank you for listening

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Agreed I see that as a point of view from a singular perspective, that perspective is then passed to another singular and then so on, until said perception becomes a belief, then perception becomes reality, hence creation
I do appreciate you taking time to discuss Anton

Congratulations - you pulled yourself out of addiction and are feeling your recovery!

Reading your piece, my response drifts more towards what it means to be wasting your second chance. That speaks to me more than if there is no external universe out there. I believe in this piece. Compassion does not mean forgoing pleasure. When compassion and meditation become your greatest sources of pleasure, you must be doing something right. Your stated intentions make it clear that your process, your evolution, is not a waste of time.

Thank you for including we readers in putting your best foot forward. The old pleasures are over, and they had their meaning. Keep those miracles rolling. For my part, the path is slow but steady.


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