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I'm going to address the purpose of Islam but in doing so you must understand the purpose of Christianity and Buddhism.
All three contain mythos within them but when those are removed and the essence of their purpose is extracted we can see their applicantions.

Like I stated before the three judeo-christian beliefs stem from Egypt. I can even trace their language and their alphabets back to Egypt( I've provided the above links as a simple coarse which explains this).

Egypt ruled for 2,000years and in that time they studied the time cycles of the heavens and recorded human social behavors in a cord with those cycles. Many social models were constructed until the right formula was developed.
 Egypt split it's model into three  parts:
1)Hellenistic; Greece to Early Roman Empire.
2)Paganistic;Babylon-Phoenica-Tyre-Middle Roman era.
   (there are a few other empires attached to them but that can be discussed another time)
3)Judaism; this is the glue that helped form Christianity and Islam by joining it's teaching to the others: Helenistic & Paganistic. 
Note the history of Judaism ,they were past around like the favored whore at a cowboy party,everybody caught what she was
• The Hellenistic religions kept the records of past cosmic cycles hidden within their mythologies. They also taught that man can rise above their gods of fate. This is why Greece was the first Democracy it practice progress for the individual man. The subconscious teachings of these myths were created to develope enginuity at a rapid pace. This rapid pace brings prosperity quicker than mans ability to morally balance it within a society. Quick prosperity leads to over abundance and that leads to apathy causing the decay of a society's ideology and economy,then communism take over crushing that society inorder to make way for the next "progressive democacy/republic".
 •Paganistic teachings focused on the freedom of immorality while maintaining social stability (this was wrapped into their mythology as well). It also carried merit time laws of the Elite with it structure.
•Judaism at it's core teaches the hierchry in family, government,and of God. These teachings intertwined with the other two creating Christianity,Islam, and a third "Judaic Mysticism/Kabballah" which would bind them all into Buddhism/Quantum physics (after the battle of Islam and Christianity).

The emergence of Christianity was designed to facilitate the industrial/technological age of America so to develope a worldwide grid that could control the people and sustain humanity through the next cycle.
Christianity was to help people self-govern their own selfish behavor so capitalism could quicken progress at a outstanding rate without falling into apathy to quickly. Although it  was very sucessful it also brought upon the world the most apathetic nation in history and it's influence spread like a disease around the world. The Great Works of Egypts "Mystery schools" were aware of this cause and effect. So now we begin to see Islams purpose in all of this.
Islam is made as a counter measure for the effects of Christainity.
This is why America is selling it's freedom for security,the apathetic-Christian-capitalists need an enemy that would help the elites form a justified reason the people should give up their constitutional rights.
"those who give up freedom for security deserve neither"
-Thomas Jefferson
Now the two dragons will face off in this polarity battle of armageddon. The Western Dragon is selfish and hortes it's gold and hides it's ugliness in caves/egocentric self shadow. The Eastern Dragon is in the air open for all to see and all is common wealth.
*Remember "Lain" and how the wire is a tool to remove the dragon from it's cave and forcing it in the open air.
Christainity & Islam will cancel each other out in this epic conflick and in the end a new paradiam will be demanded from the people of the world one that is harmonic in all things. Kabballah/Quantum phyics explains our singularity and Buddhism's selflessness unifies these theology for a perfect marriage for the Venus society.
This will be the beehive society humanity hyper-cubes into (in the physical reality).
I believe the eastern religions predate western and belong to the lost world society of Alantis. This is why they had such great forsight in their "Great Works".
The western religions were to reunit the world at a quicken pace inorder to beat the cosmic cycle.

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