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The headscarf as cult and religious women's dress worn by Christian, Mulsim. Pagan and Hindu

Hello to you! I would like to know your opinion of women's headscarf worn with religious purpose. The tradition of headcovering exists among majority of Muslim and among some Christian, Neo-Pagan and Hindu. I've encountered three views about this issue:
1. Positive one, A woman says: I wear a headscarf. It makes me modest and womanly. A man says: I would like my wife to be headcovered. She looks very pretty and let other husbands to know that she's married and her beauty is only for me
2. Tolerant one. I don't wear a headscarf but I don't condemn to others for its wearing and I don't prohibit doing it to others. They have right dressing as they want and I respect their choice. We are democrats
3. Negative and intolerant one. A headscarf is woman's humiliation! It's a barbarian custom! We are secular people and we don't permit to others to demonstrate one's religiosity!
I'm awaiting for your comments...

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I would go with 2. Personally i do like headscarf as a modesty item yes i wouldnt wear it often only in spiritual setting i always cover my head in those. 

I do think it has to stay a choice of the woman itself and no man or anyone else should force it or condemn it. It should be a choice if the woman and i feel a man can have their own thoughts but its not his place to say anything about if her hair is covered or not, thats a personal choice.

If a woman lets say my sister or daughter would come home and say i want my head covered because of any reasons. If this is what she truely wants i will respect her choice and support her. 

This is mine that i wear when i do spiritual work of any kind. 

Anki, are you Pagan or Christian?

actually neither , i don;t follow a particular religion. i am a mystic i just study all of them and take what makes sense to me and make my own path. 

Which sense do you put in your headcovering?

Traditional, my grand grandmother who thought me the basics of our family tradition wore it. Out  of respect for everything she did for me i do as well. 


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