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All journeys at first glance can be seen as frightening or exciting or neutral this is based on the mental conditioning or level of freedom the perceiver has at any given moment..I have seen many people who say that the spiritual path is boring..but if one has come to the conclusion that you must undertake the spiritual path for freedom from suffering then he has taken the first step..this is the frightening part because to the ego it seems as if things are been taken away,when merely their lack of worth is been realized, to the ego this is hell..certain things must be given up..this does not mean never do it means don't go looking for some sort of external satisfaction all the time..

If you just try to go with the flow,not running from any situation you are in you will grow..the spiritual path is full of runners..not many are willing to accept what is, instead just create thier own views and expect results from it..much like trying to do maths without ever been taught that 1 is 1 and 2 is will just stare at the numbers and think what is this non sense..that is why school must be frightening to any child at first..The first time anything can be either terrible or great, cannot be sure until it is tried and tested..much like the spiritual path in which case techniques are tried and the spiritual path is like maths..if you rely on your own mind without external help with preconceived ideas from parents from child hood and teachers etc..chances are you will be just like them..which is it is also true that what the masters say in the scriptures are equally true in that regard.

Unfortunately many feel on thier path that they don't need to be like anyone or follow any set methods or do anything that envolves effort..many these days feel that there karma will be taken away because they are a starseed and believe that they are beyond the laws of the universe and the creator himself..its obvious how these indivduals arrived at that can only be that they have heard one or two things about spiritual life and focused only on that ,not looking at it from a broader perspective..

These are they types who never arrived at the notion they need spiritual practices to transform thier faculties into divine nature , they therefore cannot possibly understand the need for change..This is the biggest problem with new age techniques and just that they are not relying on themselves,to a degree you could say thier discrimination is not functioning in the ideals of freedom but to the ideals of idolism..Christians idolize jesus,they do not follow his teachings..likewise I have noticed the "starseeds" majority are just repeaters,repeating what they readin in channeled msgs by those who have essentially no idea how to channel..they actually just meditating and observing ther imaginations run wild believing this to be of some demi god or higher power.

So my point is that most people I have seen do not actually have the right idea about what they actually running towards or away from..they just thinking walking on water is cool or they believe they are an soul from another galaxy or dimension..both are ignoring responsibility to take action in the steps to transforming themselves on all levels.

I think the spiritual path should not  be used as topic for conversation likely in this regard as it turns the process from internal to external..this also creates more illusions and also depression.because you will be judging everything and everyone..if only we can concentrate on focusing inwards even while we were busy in the world,progress would be made.some might take it further and do physical and mental techniques during the day..but the bear minimum is trying to be aware of whats happening inside of you not others..when your emotions are swayed by situations and events, just observe not react to it automatically..first asses the whole thing best you can.

I hope who ever read this enjoyed it, all replies welcomed<3

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