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Scorpio, the sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto now arrives at our doorstep with an abundance of characteristics to be considered in the upcoming month. Earth, Water, and Fire are currently present and more potently than ever to give instruction and opportunity for inner growth.

As the power of the sign intensifies the need for interior death and rebirth becomes more apparent. Especially the need of restructuring the emotional center to better serve the willpower in the near future and in the fresh experiences it will bring. To let go of old emotional patterns that are destructive, and when we say old, we are not only referring to patterns formed in this lifetime's early past but other lifetimes as well. Including the lifetimes of our ancestors and the power of genetically transferred filters which exist in every single one of us.

During this time Scorpio encourages us to develop drive and motivation. Even in the toughest of situations, Scorpio screams out to us to push towards the psychological and intellectual development needed to achieve our most desired goals.

In matters of love, the passion in our experiences with our significant other may heighten greatly and cause a bit of confusion and disorientation by the emotional pulls that influence our decision-making mechanism for the worse.

Don't be stubborn, perceive your love and sex life from the mental scope. So that your motives begin to shift to a paradigm in where self-healing and true benefit come naturally while passions are high and your body is feeling tingly. Nothing better than to put "ME" first in times when almost an entire year has passed and we will soon arrive at our new year's resolution. Like they say, "to be able to love someone else, you must initially love yourself first". Is your partner contributing to your spiritual growth? or not?. Are your partner's energy and life plan serving you? or are they taking you away from your personal dreams and expression of full potential?.

This month in Scorpio with its elemental and planetary ruling properties gives rise to the alchemist within. The bright intellectual that builds a solid structure by enhancing the physical components of its animal machine and the solidity of the psyche. The developer of the firmness in spirit and the one to set a balance between water and fire, hot and cold, as it juggles with these in perfect alignment.

Become ruthless during this moment in your most important matters. Pursue them relentlessly to accommodate reality to your personal needs. Enforce reformation in all areas of your life in order to make available the sufficient magnetism that is necessary to shift your reality in enormous ways.

May your workings be fruitful
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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