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think so too

julian is probably right.

Emerald tablet   perhaps

A Course in Miracles 

Yoga Vasistha 

Mary Ann Atwoods  "A Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery"


after you have read these, read the bible. it will have a whole other meaning to you imo. 

i have read many books myself, and these ones took the intellect beyond itself where there is no mind, no desire, no lack, pure Will, pure Being, Pure "as it is"



thank u for the advice. i will look for these after i finish what im reading now

Yoga Vasishta. Indeed, indeed! :)

Given the numbers of adherents to their religions, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita would have to be numbered among the most influential esoteric texts. And those devotees tend to actually read their scriptural materials, whereas I would say that a lot of Christians (and I'm not pointing any fingers!) have never actually sat down and read the Bible. Least I never did though I was brought up in that faith.

The Old Testament (Bible) because three religions use and respect it  for a base.

Abraham is and was a very popular and influential guy!

The Science of Being

Emerald Tablets

The Kybalion


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