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The Nature of Vacuum Energy and Our Relationship to It.


Levels/Dimensions/Numbers are fixed foundations/planes/points.
They are the minima we focus upon while what is in between them is the maxima we miss.

On all levels of our physical reality it is Universally True that the tangible/visible is but a very minute part of all there is. Vacuum, nothingness comprises the vast majority of atoms, bodies, solar systems, galaxies and the Universe as a hole (sic).

It is important that we All remember not to be so fixated on the tangible/visible to our eyes that we forget to pay due regard for the emptiness that gives us all the freedom to move about between points, planes and ideas in a largely unhindered fashion.

Respect where respect is due.

Matter is intensely contracted and pressurised energy. The natural state of energy is to be free and unrestricted, under no pressure - as in a vacuum. The electron wave energy field encompassing the minute protons and neutrons of the atomic nucleus has virtually no tangible reality and yet occupies vastly more of the atom's space and is almost solely responsible for atoms connections with other atoms, from which the physical universe is built upon, but which collapses into even smaller mass particles than the nucleus when we make our efforts to observe or measure it in 'reality'.

We get to decide if we see ourselves as matter under pressure or energy unrestricted.


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Neo; I have always felt that the Quantum Vacuum that you are talking about is rich in Harmonic Resonance due to the cavitation effect of resonant chambers. From another frame of reference, it is the Space Planet (the Planet that is the most 'not there') of the Nativity chamber which Resonates with the highest ubiquity in any chart. The Casmir effect is, in fact, available to us at all times and is present everywhere, once one becomes used to looking for it. This should give us a broader perspective on the Void of Course Moon, which now regarded as just 'so much lethargy' is in fact bursting with active energy and rejuvenation. The topic is a vast and important one and has great merit!

Thank you for your comment Axamaxa. 

I had not heard of the Void of Course Moon previously having not kept up with my Astrology study but it is an interesting concept. :-)

My discussion was in truth not intended at the level you have taken it to but if others can get deeper meanings within it all the better.

I was merely trying to point out that from the inter-galactic down to the sub-atomic physical levels (but certainly not limited to those) in a physical sense our world and our bodies are almost entirely vacuums - simply vacant space - minutely scattered with particles from quark size up to galaxies and the stars they are composed of. But also containing an infinite variety of energy waveforms that are not localised to a point in spacetime but are interspersed with each other and the particles.

How the entity we call me, or the I, considers or interacts or is affected by this space/energy/particle combination determines our level of awareness of our place in the scheme of things.

The 'empty' space is vital to our existence yet most consider it irrelevant to them - if they consider it at all. But of course that applies mostly to those people who do not visit this website, or similar ones. ;-)


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