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The Path And The Destination

The phrase “with great power, comes great responsibility” is a common one, however, one has come to a contrary conclusion, believing that “with great responsibility, comes great power.”

One has taken the responsibility for all that one is, and with this responsibility has come the power to express what one truly is.

One is the same in kind and quality to the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent and the Omniscient, the only difference being one of degree, one is also the same in kind and quality to all others, the only difference being the state of mind.

One has come to the following conclusion: “Perfection must be a state of mind; therefore, physical, mental and emotional perfection must come from a mind which has conceived and is focused exclusively on achieving such a state of being.”

If the mind of one has conceived such a state of being then the minds of all have. One has simply chosen to get off the beaten path, following the path that has been tread by the greatest of minds.
One has taken a vow to reach the Destination of a Straight path, by virtue of one’s faith in the only GOD that is, and not by one’s sight.

A Vow of Courage; hence there must be manifestations of Courage.

A Vow to Give; hence there must be an Abundance and Possibilities.
A Vow to Love; hence there must be Goodwill and Affection.
A Vow to Understand; hence there must be Absolution and Forgiveness.
A Vow to Trust; hence there must be Certainty and Decisiveness.
A Vow to be Honest; hence there must be Sincerity and Acceptance.
A Vow of Self-approval; hence there must be Security and Acceptance.
A Unique vow; hence there must be Contentent and Trustworthiness.
A Vow of Self-respect; hence there must be Respect and Prudence .
A Vow of Self-worth; hence there must be a High Self-esteem and a High Self-confidence.
A Vow of Patience; hence there must be Assurance and Encouragement.
A Sacred Vow; hence there must be Divine Order.
A Vow to the Alpha And Omega, hence there must be manifestations of Divine Light.

One is a mental alchemist, performing transmutations of the base metals of ignorance into the gold of wisdom.

One is a conscious being, transforming one’s self consciousness into the consciousness of One’s Divine self, and the Oneness of all.

One hereby presents to a Testimony to the Most High God, The Almighty Father, The Creator from whom all things good have come forth, The Eternal Giver who takes away nothing.
May all witnesses to this also participate in transmuting the Base metals of Ignorance into the Gold of Wisdom, the Inferior into the Superior, Darkness and Fallacies into Light and Truth.

Love unto one’s Soul,
Wisdom unto one’s Mind,
Power unto one’s Body,

On The Path Of Enlightenment, It Is Time To Ascend.

~ Mental Alchemist ~

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