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The Reality of FEMA Camps and the Martial Law Apparatus
By Lee Rogers

There is no doubt that the government is preparing a nationwide system of detention facilities under the guise of emergency management that could be used to house large quantities of Americans during a time of civil strife. Many think that it is a conspiracy theory, but it is not. It is a fact that the federal government has many facilities right now that can be used to house large numbers of political dissidents if the need arises. During World War II, the U.S. government through an executive order by FDR forced many Japanese-Americans to move into internment camps. In 2006, George W. Bush signed legislation to preserve these camps. Why would he do this unless there was a chance that they would be used in the future? In addition, KBR the engineering and construction arm of Halliburton was recently awarded a $385 million contract to build detention facilities under the guise that they would be used to house illegal immigrants. This news broke at a time in which outrage against illegal immigration was at an all-time high and covered extensively in the media which in essence made the announcement less controversial. There is also a great deal of anecdotal and video reports of detention facilities in many areas around the nation that have been posted on the Internet by concerned citizens. With all of this in mind, it is additionally disturbing that institutions like the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Northern Command have been incrementally moving this country into a militarized police state through a wide variety of initiatives and programs. With the economy unraveling on a day to day basis the possibility of civil strife becomes greater and greater and the possibility of the establishment needing these types of facilities continually increases.

Last week we were the first to break news of legislation proposed in Congress by Representative Alcee Hastings (D-FL) that would legalize and authorize the construction of National Emergency Centers on open and closed military bases which would be run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency otherwise known as FEMA. It is already confirmed that infrastructure which could possibly be used in this capacity is already available to the U.S. government. So for all intents and purposes this bill will essentially provide the legal capacity for them to use already existing facilities as emergency centers. It also provides the government the authority to create additional facilities on closed and open military reservations so long as a minimum of 6 emergency centers are built to fulfill the needs of the FEMA regions designated in the bill. The language in the bill also authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to use these facilities for whatever purpose that the Secretary believes is necessary. So if the Secretary wanted to use them as concentration camps, death camps or torture facilities, the language in the bill authorizes that activity.

We also have a declassified U.S. Army document posted on the U.S. Army's official web site outlining U.S. Army Regulation 210-35 which describes standard operating procedures on how to setup a Civilian Inmate Labor Program. Although the document focuses in on using individuals that are already in civilian prisons for the purposes of the program, the standard operating procedures included in this document could be used for political dissidents or anyone for that matter who are taken to National Emergency facilities on military reservations.

Additionally, in the 1980s it was reported that Oliver North had assisted FEMA in drafting preparations for civil defense. The plans included the suspension of the U.S. Constitution, the imposition of martial law, internment camps, turning control of state and local governments to military commanders and giving dictator like powers to FEMA in the event of a national emergency including events such as nuclear war and widespread political dissent. This news was reported by the Akron Beacon Journal, the Miami Herald and other publications on and after July 5th 1987. North himself was questioned about this report during the Iran-Contra scandal by Congressman Jack Brooks but was stopped by the committee Chairman because it touched upon classified information.

In 2002, the Sydney Morning Herald ran an additional report, referencing these prior news articles and additional information stating that the conditions for martial law have been set in the United States.

With the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Northern Command in 2002, the federal government has even more tools to use to quell dissent during a time of civil strife. U.S. Northern Command now has a full brigade of troops at their disposal to deploy domestically. Additionally, an agreement between U.S. Northern Command and Canada Command has been signed without any sort of Congressional approval allowing Canadian military troops to enter the United States during a number of declared civil emergencies. On top of that, the Department of Homeland Security is providing grants at the local level to militarize police forces and setup a technological infrastructure to provide additional capabilities to track and trace the American people.

Back in 2007, George W. Bush signed National Security Presidential Directive 51 a continuity of government directive which is worded specifically to grant the President dictatorial powers over the executive, legislative and judicial branches during a declared catastrophic emergency.

FEMA according to a report from the Associated Press has even been looking into ways to expand their capabilities of transporting large quantities of people via train during emergencies. This is particularly disturbing since this was the preferred method of transportation used by the Nazis to transport Jews to the concentration camps during World War II.

It is simply impossible to dismiss all of these separate reports as pure coincidence. There is a definitive push to setup a fully functioning apparatus that will be used in a time of civil strife or any sort of national emergency to have the capability to round up large groups of people and put them in FEMA run detention camps. It is important to note that this is not some sort of left-wing conspiracy to round up people who don't like Barack Obama as Family Security Matters believes. Both Republicans and Democrats have been behind this agenda for several decades, as all of this information indicates.

It is true that nobody knows with 100% certainty if the government will round up large numbers of political dissidents during a time of civil strife. However, they are certainly building the infrastructure to do it. With the global economy collapsing around the world, there will naturally be an increasing amount of dissent the worse the economy gets. The protests in Iceland, France, Greece and in other countries are evidence of this. As a result, all of this information should be of great concern to the American people. After all, it is doubtful that they are getting this infrastructure ready if they didn't think that they might have to use it in the future.

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