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The Venus Blueprint is not only descriptive of the orbital geometry of Venus and Vedic temple design. It can be nested within itself to create an averaged orbital spacing model for the entire solar system.

It is not common knowledge that all of the proportional distances between the semi-major orbits of the planets (including the astroid belt of Ceres) can be averaged to produce the golden mean. This means that a golden egg, like that of the Venus Blueprint, can be nested orthogonally within itself at golden ratios (log base Phi) to represent the Sun's spiral heliosphere and approximate the planetary orbits.

As a general principle, we can describe the solar system like a giant Russian Matrushka doll where golden eggs nest one inside the next until reaching the central golden yolk of the Sun.

The Birth of Venus through Rosslyn Chapel

The builders of 15th-century Rosslyn chapel were Jewish-Christians known as "Ebionites." These people were a living bridge from the Council of Jerusalem, descending through the Essene Gnostics, Knights Templars and finally into modern day Freemasonry. Central to their temple knowledge was how to build a sacred space that could relink (or re-ligion) the mind and spirit with the Source.

Based on the 5-fold rose orbital pattern of Venus, Rosslyn was designed to preserve the most sacred temple practices. In particular, it uses a specific sacred geometry that combines the Venus Blueprint with "squaring the circle" to create a harmonically resonant space tuned to Venus.

As it happens, this geometry corresponds precisely to the Venus Transit. In the illustration, the 2004 transit path crosses along the bottom of the superimposed Blueprint pentacle. But to unlock the geometry of the 2012 transit path, the Blueprint must be rotated 90-degrees (like a key) within a circumscribed square. Overlaying the Rosslyn floor plan, the 2012 transit path then passes directly through the center of the chapel, intersecting the central Shekinah Pillar, symbolic of the Hebrew goddess of Venus known as Asherah (or Ashtarot).

When Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" is overlaid onto the first geometry, we find that the 2012 transit passes along the eastern wall of the chapel, passing directly through the navel. In this case, the Shekinah Pillar aligns at his perineum representing the axis of the sacred mountain and source of the Sun's fertility.

But when a "Vitruvian Woman" is overlaid onto the second geometry at a 90-degree angle, we find the 2012 transit path passes through the body as if giving birth to Venus out the front door. Here the Shekinah represents the feminine womb, birth canal and portal through which life on Earth can become manifest.

Like sine and cosine, the masculine and feminine aspects of Rosslyn chapel perfectly mirror the celestial congress of the Sun and Venus in transit. Through this geometric construction, we can see that temple building was in fact a way to fertilize the spirit and minds of the congregation through geometry and resonance, thus invoking the assistance of Venus in ascendency. This practice involved reproducing the resonant properties of Venus in the architectural design of a stone temple, including her transit of the Sun.

It should be noted that this transit pair is the fifth since the construction of Rosslyn chapel and that not all transits align exactly this way. This transit of 2012 is therefore very special indeed and embodies the highest ideals and enlightenment of the ancient temple builders.

It seems the mythical firebird is making good its escape from the solar egg. Yesterday on June 3, 2012, this unusually large coronal hole opened up on the Sun.

Also known as the phoenix, the firebird is the female counterpart to the male dragon in ancient mythology. Legend has it that a new, young firebird is reborn from the ashes of its nest or mound. Originating in Egypt, this is the ancient tale of the sacred Bennu bird of Heliopolis.

As the symbol for sun god Osiris, the Bennu (meaning "rise" or "shine") was believed to be reborn from its embalmed egg of myrrh. This egg is a reference to M'R, the Egyptian name for the Great Pyramid. This in turn descends from the transcendental mountain of Meru in the Rig-Veda where Venus was believed to hover over the sacred mountain to protect and fertilize it.

In fact, the phoenix is just another name for the Morning Star (or torch) of Venus, reborn from the Sun after a transit. In Vedic lore, she is swallowed by the Sun and then spit out as a seed to fertilize and renew Earth. Brought to AMeruCa (land of Meru) by Phoenician sailors, this is the likely origin for the famous Maya prophecy of Quetzalcoatl's return, the plumed serpent of Venus.

The end of the sacred Venus Tzolk'in calendar is almost upon us. Tomorrow we shall see the Venus firebird burn at sunset only to rise from the ashes the following dawn.

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This article talks about the Mayan Calendar tracking Venus cycles.  It suggest that tomorrow could be an interesting day.  I personally don't think anything is going to happen.  In any case, we don't have long to find out.

I think the Io, Jupiter relationship below is relevant to the Venus, Earth, Sun relationship, considering that the Sun is approaching Solar Maximum and is discharging massive plumes of plasma from coronal holes and solar flares. If a M or X Class flare were to erupt facing Venus and Earth, it could jump from Venus to Earth. Lightning hit my neighbors tree on time, jumped from the tree to a metal fence to copper pipes in the house and blew faucets off the wall.

If you are familiar with the 1957 solar storm called the Carrington Event, you will know that solar storms have the potential to fry our power grid.

Flux tube and plasma torus

Flux tube and plasma torus

An electric current of five million amperes flows along Io’s flux tube. It connects Io to the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, like a giant umbilical cord. The plasma torus is centered near Io’s orbit, and it is about as thick as Jupiter is wide. The torus is filled with energetic sulfur and oxygen ions that have a temperature of about 100 thousand degrees kelvin. Because the planet’s rotational axis is tilted with respect to the magnetic axis, the orbit of the satellite Io (dashed line) is inclined to the plasma torus

What an amazing time we have chosen to be here now......humbling and exciting all at the same time...

I had downloaded the Richard Merrick interview and had listened while cutting the grass, so I could not hear very much. I will listen to both hour now.

Wow does he cover a variety of angles that are surprising.........also what I got above is from his fb page where he shares a lot of info...

The Transit of Venus is destined to assist in the transformation of humankind by transmitting more alchemical force into our species, thus further accelerating our evolution and preparing us for the Fifth World.

Esoterically, Venus (both the planet and the Goddess it embodies) is the alchemical force, which is indeed love itself. Venus is the power of love that unites the polarity...and the product of their union....which is the alchemical mead. The end product of alchemy is love in the form of the alchemical force (or Venusian power of love) that occurs through uniting the polarity as Philosophical Mercury and Sulpher. Thus, Venus is the Divine Androgyny, the Holy Spirit and the Kundalini itself. Venus's dual nature is represented by her two manifestations as the Morning and Evening Stars, which she is the union of.

Venus's dual nature and association with the alchemical force is allegorized in her famous myth wherein she was born out of the union of fire and water when the flaming genitals of Uranus fell into the Mediterranean Sea. Botticelli's painting of the birth of Venus is instructive, as it it metaphorically depicts her as the androgynous kundalini. In the painting Venus rises from a sea shell, which with its numerous striations evokes the Muladhara Chakra, the base center from which all the 72,000 nadis emanate..and which is the home of Goddess Kundalini. The ancients commemorated the birth of Venus by retrieving all the flaming meteorites that fell into the Mediterranean Sea and then constructing temples over the largest of them. Meteorites were, like Venus, the union of fire and water and were therefore considered to be her embodiments. And like her, they possessed alchemical power. It is for this reason that they were used in the Mediterranean mystery schools during initiation to activate Kundalini.

Therefore, the transit of Venus across the Sun portends a heightened frequency of love within humankind, which by extension corresponds to the increase of alchemical power moving through us and assisting in our transformation leading up to 12/21/2012.
Mark Amaru Pinkham

I had written this several years ago.

Consider the orbital period of Mercury the closest planet to the Sun is 88 Earth days. That is close to the Fibonacci number 89.  Venus’s orbit is 225 days, close to the Fibonacci number 233. Earth’s orbit is 365.25 days, close to the Fibonacci number 377 and Mars has an orbit of 687 days, a bit off from the Fib number 610. This pattern continues for all the planets and even the asteroid belt.  If you want better accuracy, take mercury’s orbit 88 x 1.618 x 1.618 = 230 days x 1.618 = 372.7  etc..   Of course this could all be a coincidence, or the pattern is there for a reason.  Is it a coincidence that 1 mile = 1.609 KM?    Is it possible that the people that designed the metric system were aware of PHI..   It is curious that, 88(mercury) x 1.609 x 1.609 =228 days (Venus, 225) x 1.609 = 366 days (Earth 365.25).  This pattern does continue with all the planets.


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