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For a while I've been wondering about something that happened a couple of years back. When I had my son I had a very rough time; medical interventions did a lot of harm and it didn't help I was having a very hard time wrapping my mind around the fact a person with a scalpel was literally cutting my abdomen open. I know I was receiving pain killers via epidural but something funny happened. I was out of my body. I was on a plane (I don't know how else to explain it, it wasn't physical like this life) where I knew there was something separate from me but I remember everything fell away.. The only thing that was left was love. As far as vision I remember distinctive shapes but no forms like a human being or anything. I thought to myself of once being told by a Native American about visiting the other side that you couldn't stay long.. or you'd lose you way or will back to your physical body. That's exactly what I thought, I couldn't stay there long and that anyone knew that this existed, a plane of pure love with all the ephemera stripped away, no one would want to live in this physical plane.

I'm wondering if it was a drug induced just escape from the fact I'm on a gurney and they're just trying to deliver my child as soon as possible or if it was something else, if I managed to see another real plane..

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It sounds like you mercifully slipped into another dimension, 

Some medical drugs unintentionally could help you astral project because they cause a change in your emotional state which I believe is very necessary in astral projection.

Years ago; I had been focused emotionally in 'spirituality' and was listening to music whiles in bed and nearly slept. In that state, I decided not knowing I was asleep to turn off the music. To my amazement, I had tried two times waking up in a different realm or leaving my physical body on the bed. For the third time, I did wake up and all of a sudden, I felt a great relief; felt complete, joyful, and a perfect state of unblemished body without any sickness (I wasn't sick physically before that). Standing by my bed side I decided to turn off the music but couldn't. For a moment, I said to myself; this is better I shouldn't go back, then the questions were raging as I was standing there; I'm I dead if I don't return? Grabbed by fear of death, I Immediately went to lie perfectly on my body and don't know what happened next but felt something like a pinch all of a sudden and I woke up in my physical body. Now I could turn the music off...earthly guy I guess

Since then, astral projection has been my fascination and I have tried several times even reading books about how to do it but to no avail. Its really amazing and I wish I could do it the rest of my life...

Man, that's really neat. It's like the top thing from that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. I have astral projections sometimes but I think it uses up energy and I've read that sleeping without dreaming is the deepest sleep.


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