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Hello everybody,

I've been registered here for a while but never interacted. I'm writing now because something happened which never did before and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to think. I hope this is the right forum and the right section.

As a child/teen I would hear voices at night, had weird experiences, premonitions in dreams etc, but I never tried to label this all one way or another, just casually taking it as normal, and rarely felt scared. When I was 22 or 23 (I am now 29), I had series of bad sensations and weird events lasting some months, culminating in an apparition in my mind's eye of a dirty blonde girl rocking herself side to side and asking me for help. It was so distressing that it somehow prevented me from having any form of perception outside the visible world for some years, though I still practiced tarots from time to time. In the last 2 or 3 years I started having perceptions again, but totally different from before. During these last months I started having some very significant dreams at night, which I remember in the cleareast detail (something that doesn't usually happen), plus I'm experiencing synchronicities and, I don't know, signs I guess, and overall have a constant sensation which I couldn't describe other than a quiet beckoning.

Last night I was meditating when I felt a presence near me and I asked it to reveal itself. It was a barn owl, shapeshifting in a horned owl and at times in a white rabbit. After a while it took human form, and to my surprise, it was the same blonde girl. She told me that she had to scare me because I wasn't ready, and calmed me letting me feel that our heartbeats were in unison. After we talked for a while, she showed me a vision. I saw death, dead bodies underwater, a great war, and at last a light coming from the depths of the earth, some kind of ancient thing (not sure if an artifact or a living thing) which would change the outcome of the war, not sure whether in positive or negative.

I want to think it's a symbology of something that is relevant only to me, as it has always been, but given the nature of it, it felt like I was watching something objectively existing outside of me, something I was just witnessing. I wasn't scared nor upset.
I'm confused because I never had a vision as detailed as this while awake, and my premonitions in dreams have always been totally trivial. I'm wondering how you can tell when something is just your imagination, in this case surely derived by the stress of witnessing the fast descent of our species into chaos, and when, well, it bears any truth.
It felt true to me, but maybe I'm deluding myself.

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Understandable that you are concerned by this vision but as with such experiences, more often they are a teaching for you and you alone rather than a prophetic warning for humanity. Filtered through your individual perceptions, using your knowledge, your view of the world you inhabit, speaking to your hopes, fears, dreams, suppressed emotions and all that is you. We often see fearful visions as huge, cataclysmic events, as to our individual consciousness we are all that is from that perspective.  We have many selves and sometimes a vision of mass death can mean the potential or fear of the death of many of our inner selves as we are not taking care of the whole. Death also, as in the tarot, can mean transformation and the beginning of a new phase of life.

The owl, the white rabbit, the girl are all aspects of you... And the meaning of them and their role is for you to discover. That is not to say they are any less powerful, wise and important. We all have many aspects of ourselves that manifest as guides, teachers, lovers, animals etc and serve to reveal to us, in ways that we will understand, truths and lessons that we need at that time. 

You need to consider what such a vision of death and despair, dead bodies underwater (water being emotions and the bodies perhaps aspects of the consciousness that we reject or have "died") and then being saved by an ancient being from within the earth (maybe mother earth or Gaia or maybe the being is coming from within you as earth body is your ancient sacred body or the Khaibit in ancient Egyptian mysticism). In short.. Death and despair being saved by a ancient being of light. You are ancient and you are of the light and you are more powerful than you can imagine.

Obviously without knowing your other dreams and visions and the syncronicities you are experiencing I couldn't say what lesson you are being brought to learn. The girl is possibly your feminine aspect who has power you have yet to accept or maybe something else, but a teacher for you she certainly is.

I'm not saying there is no outer truth to your vision, but it is symbolic. Are we not already seeing such things in the wars going on now..In Syria, the middle East, the terrorist acts, slaughters the world over, the refugees struggling for survival, over crowding boats, drowning in the 1000's, desperate for survival, desperate for a home, food and warmth.   There is much death and suffering by many now.

Mother earth is preparing for a shift, she will decide when it's time and humanity will awaken and be saved.. this will happen.. But what does that mean to you? What do you need to do to be ready? I doubt it's to get a billboard saying "the end is nigh" and stand preaching in the street. So what then is this vision telling you you need to do?  Only you can know... But it's something beautiful, that will set you free, save you perhaps in your wholeness.. Make you complete... And then maybe you can save others too.

Just my thoughts..I may be wrong..I may be right.. Or somewhere in between.. but I hope it's helpful all the same.




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