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There is a mass of information from extraterrestrial sources about our galactic history. This explains the failure to find a missing link in classical evolution.  

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According to the works of some authors that are obviously slandered by the general media (such as Pharell if I'm not wrong), humans were created by extremely advanced humanoid extraterrestrials by genetic engineering. The evolution theory is a jewish lie to brainwash people about their real origins, exactly in the same way like christianity and islam. The answer to our questions date as back as thounsands of years ago in the pagan religions that revered these extremely advanced Gods that taught people spirituality, sciences, astronomy, physics and other arts. Their existence was documented in numerous documents that were either hidden, either destroyed by christian/jewish/islam crusaders. One example that still exist but was corrupted are the Sumerian Tables wrongly interpreted by the jew Zecharia Sitchin.

  Not indigenous.

The history of the human race is very ancient. The best account I have found is the work of Alex Collier who writes about the galactic history as told him by his Andromedan mentors. His book “Defend Sacred Ground” is free to download. It is quite long describing how the universe is thought to have started, with references to the reptilian influence which remains a formidable force.


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