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My parents named me bridget. Mother says after Saint Brigid (whom i relate to so much it freaks me out..) and my father says it was after Brigitte Bardot, my middle name is sophia, maybe after sophia loren. watching their movies is like traveling in time to me and those women never cease to amaze me. i certainly see the connection in my life to them. I am young physically, 17, but in my mind i am much older. i have experienced a lot in this life and am somewhat connected to what i have done in my past lives. i was born a taurus this time around and i am true to that. stubborn, but gentle and very calm unless you catch me in a mood. i have always been very interested in the supernatural, the paranormal and the esoterics. ever since i can remember i was told/made to believe 2012 would be the end times. i read the left behind series at an extremely young age and felt that i would experience it. sometimes i do feel i am experiencing it. i was not raised religiously but i had always wanted to learn about religions. ive always been able to look underneath the layer of lies and see what the text was really talking about. what the author really meant with his words. i think this kept me from becoming a christian. i would consider myself to be a lightworker. i am still in highschool but very interested in learning reiki and pursuing that. i would also consider myself to be a healer. that is my nature. im always looking for people to join me on my journey and even better teach me something! thank you for reading.

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Welcome to the group, Bridget! :)

thank you :D

Welcome Bridget, You pretty much blew me away in your post and at 17 you are way ahead of the game. It gives me hope honestly, to know that there are hopefully millions like you that will continue to help change the world. To start, "sophia" is also an ancient word and expression for philosophy. "philo" in latin is very similar to "for the love of" and sophia means wisdom, so really the love of wisdom. You sound intelligent and as a taurus, just like me (april 27, double venus) you can see past the BS. When you call yourself a "healer" remember their are many ways you can heal. Reaki and the use of that type of energy work is but only one way. If your intuition is stating "healer" then be open to everything that comes your way. What you will eventually find in all religions is that their is one underlying message that spreads throughout. That is simply to love your neighbor and to pretty much practice the golden rule. Everyone needs to experience their own journey, and where you can accelerate to depends upon your akash, your openness, and your will. Sometimes you cannot move on unless you pass certain lessons. For example if you cannot solve the issues in your family life you cannot spread your healing to other complete strangers. 

As a taurus you will search and find the truth. You will also find that it really sucks to see the 98% of the other people around you ignoring what you know. You will but heads through life with this just like the rest of us :) Hopefully someday we can all unite and realize that the 12 zodiac energies that incorporate the birth charts all have their specific purposes. 

In the mean time if you have any fear left, or if you still have trouble with things like "judgement" and so on I can help, shoot me a message and let me know where you might need some help, I'm pretty sure you can also teach me a few things ;)

thank you for your reply peter :) you've brought a smile to my face today, and i resonate with your words on a level i wish i felt more often. i am so appreciative of the information you bring to me, for teaching me things i did not know yet and reminding me a little of what ive forgotten. i will remember the golden rule in my healing, and in my life and utilize your advice. sending you love and smiles, fellow taurean :)

My grand daughter is 21. She was just inducted into the Philosophical Honor Society in her college. i would be thrilled if she discovered Esoteric Philosophy.

Meantime  I have no idea what the left behind series is about and would like to know;

Taurus too...


aw, that's amazing! sounds like a huge accomplishment :) 
the left behind series is a christian fictional story about the end times.

thank you for your reply!

Beautifully spoken Peter.


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