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I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on this? It's a question I've been wondering for awhile.. And also if there is any kind of ancient texts that talks about this.

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soul is to spirit like a drop of water is to an ocean of consciousness

Okay, that makes sense.. I think. But does that mean that Soul comes from Spirit or Spirit comes from Soul? And our bodies contain both a spirit and a soul right? And then where does Mind come into all this? The more I think about it, the more confused I get... any other feedback Steve, or anyone else? Thanks :-)

Take all souls, combine them together - that is spirit. Call it God. 

All souls are born (out) of spirit,  for that is what we live within. 

Spirit and matter are opposite ends of the spectrum, yet ends meet.

Soul is individualized consciousness.  Spirit is collective consciousness.  Both of these aspects of mind can be experienced by any individual. 

In Kabalah, Soul consciousness can be experienced as mercy, severity, and beauty. Spirit consciousness can be experienced as wisdom and understanding. 

Contrary to what is written below,  I would suggest that Soul is the active, male component.  Like Sol, the Sun, it is a positive figure with rays that shoot out. By being we exert our selves on the world outside.

Likewise I would suggest that Spirit is the Luna, passive, female component. It is everything outside of us.  Art, music, other people, are constructions of spirit. 

Spirit containing all soul,  and soul being a part of spirit.   We each have a soul, that is our part of spirit.   Imagine a string of Christmas lights.  You like are an individual light (soul) connected to others (soul), powered by an electric current (spirit). 

Is it guitar that comes from "music"   or is it "music" that comes from guitar?  It is soup that comes from potatoes and carrots or is the potatoes and carrots that make soup?

All of this is my opinion and my opinion is subject to change.  You've been warned!

dictionary definitions..

soul.  part of humans regarded as immaterial, immortal, separable from the body at death, capable of moral judgment, and susceptible to happiness or misery in a future state.   (note: do you see what I mean with regards to the kabbalah and mercy, severity, and beauty?)
  A force or principle believed to animate living beings.


This all makes a lot of sense to me too! Thank you, the picture is a lot clearer in my head now! :-)

Hello Eve ;) That's an interesting question. btw, I like that analogy Steve ;)

We could make a similar analogy by saying that a soul is to the ocean of consciousness like what a cell is to the body. A unit within the universal. In my understanding there are many different forms of individualization within the one spirit, which can be pictured like a tree : The tree of souls as I call it. (Cells of a body can also be placed in specific groups of purpose : the organs. - Above, so below, micro/macro, holistic models of reality)

In this schematic we can place notions such as soul-family, a soul monade, an over-soul, the galactic self, the avatar self, etc.

The one spirit in this scheme is the stem of the tree. It is the undivided source consciousness. The main branches are the first refraction's of one, then there are secondary branches and again more branches of individualization and refraction of one. 

This picture beneath gives an idea of this concept . Note that in this scheme Sirius has a place. Star's are a manifest aspect of the principle of soul, such as our Sun, (Sol, Helios) at the center of the Soular system

Eve, what came first the chicken or the egg? Good question and indeed diff to wrap our heads around this. It seems logic if the more individualized refraction's such as souls came after the state of undividedness of source. But the notion of linear time doesn't apply to the universal the way it has been in our human lives. It's not that easy to imagine that everything happens simultaneously in the experience of all that is... In one divine expansive moment of beingness. 

After thinking later on this.. perhaps soul and spirit are hermaphroditic

Thank you so much, that all makes so much sense to me! :-)

I think steve said it best. I am thinking that just in how matter is energy that is vibrating at a slow vibration, spirit is energy that is vibrating at a high vibration. I think soul could be thought of on different levels of identity, such as what we know as our 'higher self' and perhaps it could even be tied with ego/body. Hmm a good topic for discussion I think.

I started watching that first video.. Very interesting, thank you for sharing. I will have to finish watching it when I have more time. And will watch the second one when I have more time as well. Time for me to get some sleep now..!
Thank you, your perspective also helps me see it more clearly :-)
Imho the soul resides in the mind with the pineal gland being the seat of that soul and the spirit is Ur gut feelings, the seat of the emotions.

My thoughts anyhoo ;)


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