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I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on this? It's a question I've been wondering for awhile.. And also if there is any kind of ancient texts that talks about this.

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That's cool, I like that. So if the soul resides in the mind, the seat being the pineal gland, where would you say the spirit resides?

In my understanding, the pineal gland is like what the modem is to the internet. its our hardware to interface with spirit. Its not a seat, and the mind is certainly not able to house souls, the mind is not even seated in the brain... the mind uses the brain in our heads, but its not seated in the brain. Spirit resides everywhere and at the same time it is non local and non temporal. The soul and our many aspects of soul, the many levels of individualization can be experienced and connected to our bodies and bodily lives and experiences. This process of inscension of spirit and soul into our bodies is what is called ascension. Its a merge and marriage of spirit and matter, a merge of the conceptual and the manifest, a merge of the universal and the individual, wile retaining an identity. The one and the many being as one. 

If the soul has a seat in the body, and many have agreed that this is the case, it is nested inside our heart, the heart center of the body, hence why the heart knows what the mind can not and always speaks truth, our own personal truth, our own version of self and our own truth based on the path that we walk.

The mind is a whole other subject we can explore if you wish. Greets !

I don't think there is one theres different parts of the spirit in daoism and spiritual yoga theres spiritual energy but I think it's their the same thing.

I regret that I have not been on these forums for a couple of years and missed this dialogue. Since it is close to 2 years hence since the last reply I'll not assume it is still being monitored, but i'll check back and offer a Qabalistic response if there "is anybody out there."  :-D 

I would love to hear your response! How strange that this question just popped in my head again the other day, after posting this over a year ago, as apparently I am still seeking an answer to the question :-) so yes I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks! :-)

WOW! That was a fast response. I appreciate Tris, the founder of this site, but I have been preoccupied with my private practice and stopped visiting here.

Your question is a technical one and an intellectual conundrum that I used to struggle with, truly struggle! I left pre-medical studies to become a philosophy major, then went to a reputable Christian seminary, after receiving a Catholic baptism. This was no small thing for a guy who was raised reformed Jewish, so I'm giving your this back story as a brief context.

Rather than write a whole dissertation (I already did that once :-D ), I would like to recommend a gem of a book that you can often find for .01¢ on Amazon. It is entitled The The Elements of Qabalah by Will Parfitt. Of the 50 or 60 books on Qabalah/Kabbalah/Cabala that I have read, THIS one is the Rosetta Stone, the key for understanding the symbolism and idioms. I had the opportunity of thanking Will on Facebook.

I am not being evasive, but I would need to know if you are somewhat familiar with the glyph of the Tree of Life before launching into this. I will say that in Jewish esoteric thought, the soul has 3 or 4 divisions in it. Plato had his 3 divisions of the soul [psyche] as well. In the Qabalistic (the occult spelling. the K-spelling specifically refers to Jewish thought along with a lot of anthropomorphizing material, the C-spelling is a Christianized interpretation). In Qabalism as Parfitt elaborates, Ruach [Spirit], is the Lesser Countenance - an immanent aspect of G-d that is symbolized by the Sun and the sphere [sephira] Tiphereth which corresponds to the heart and to the 6th sphere on the glyph of the Tree of Life.

The Lesser Countenance would be equate to The Son [of G-d] in a Christian Cabalistic model, and it seems to be the interface (pun intended) of our human and the divine natures co-mingling at this center. Tiphereth is sometimes symbolized (as in Yoga and alchemy) as a hexagram with the downward pointing triangle symbolic of G-d (or the Holy Trinity in Cabala) and the upward pointing triangle that level of our soul with becomes transcendental at that sphere. In Tipheret (and its 2 flanking spheres: Judgement and Mercy - both of which form the Ethical Triangle), we have risen in identity from the Nefesh, the animal soul of thoughts, feelings, sexuality/astral plane, and physical body (the spheres of Hod, Netzach, Yesod and Malkuth respectively) to an identity with Ruach, Spirit. Understand that these are symbols for experience, not 'things,' and just as consciousness is not a thing with mass or extension in space or time, we must be cautious not to draw 'hard edges' to these terms.

Parfitt says that when we are identified with our animal soul, Nefesh, we are living mammalian life and looking to Spirit is like metaphorically standing on Earth and looking up to the Sun (symbol of Spirit). When we have experienced a radical shift, a conversion, an initiation, an ego-death, we are 'resurrected' such that now we identify with being Spirit. Now we are like the Sun looking down at our earthly identity and mammalian selves from a transcendental perspective. If you are familiar with the book BE HERE NOW, that book uses a primarily Hindu idiom to expand on the same spiritual truth. Instead of Tiphereth, it is the Hridayam, the Heart Cave (not the Anahata chakra in the Subtle Body in Yoga). In this place or space, one experiences oneself as The Witness, an eternal, impersonal (or perhaps transpersonal) consciousness. Our personal identity lies ontologically below this identity, in our body and its personality.

But please stop me before I prattle on.


Kabbalah and other mystic traditions go into greater detail into the nature of the soul. Kabbalah separates the soul into five elements, corresponding to the five worlds:

  1. Nephesh, related to natural instinct.
  2. Ruach, related to emotion and morality.
  3. Neshamah, related to intellect and the awareness of God.
  4. Chayah, considered a part of God, as it were.
  5. Yechidah, also termed the pintele Yid (the "essential [inner] Jew"). This aspect is essentially one with God.

Kabbalah also proposed a concept of reincarnation, the gilgul. (See also nefesh habehamit the "animal soul".)   -

Abstraction of the  the 3 realms known as the Astral Triangle, the Ethical Triangle, and the Supernal Triangle superimposed over the spheres [sephira] of the Tree of Life. The Astral Triangle comprises the lower soul [Nefesh], The middle Ethical Triangle comprises Spirit [Ruach], Ba'ath is the seat of Neshamah ["intellect and awareness of God"], and The Supernal Triangle comprises spheres belonging to G-d (above which, not shown, are 3 aspects of the Godhead). Below the Supernal Triangle is the 'non-sephira' called Da'ath [knowledge/gnosis]. The shaded sphere at bottom is Malkuth [Kingdom], the realm of physical reality.

In a correspondence with the Hindu chakra system:

Malkuth ~ Muladhara

Yesod ~ Svadhistha

Hod & Netsach ~ Manipura

Geburah-Tiphereth-Chesed ~ Anahata

Da'ath ~ Visshuda  

Chokma-Binah ~ Ajna

Kether ~ Sahasrara

Interesting question. While I have no religious stand. I have an idea of what I see a plausible to my thoughts and understanding. The Soul consciousness is the unique seeker and growing. shooting stars, threads ever changing and weaving of the fabric, Spirit is the tapestry, an all-fiber, the consciousness of all.  Just a thought, thanks for sharing.

Namaste JD

If this makes sense...think of the spirit of good will, or the "being in poor spirits"
Spirit is kind of the ethereal "sense" or sensation of being.
Your soul is who YOU are as an energy in an ever constant being, which can resonate with these states of spirit.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, captures the "Spirit" of the grunge movement.
This is my own personal interpretation. If Im wrong, please forgive me. Thanks.

I learned today that 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' came from graffiti a lady friend spray-painted on Cobain's wall because he smelled like a then-popular deodorant:


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