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I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on this? It's a question I've been wondering for awhile.. And also if there is any kind of ancient texts that talks about this.

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In rock, the words get used in the same loose ways of language - the spirit of the age, the soul of the band, the heart of the matter, Doctor Love. In the tao, the differences are specific. The immortal fetus is a Soul body. Spirit work is of this earth. Body areas are described at subtler levels of mastery in terms of which part resonate with Spirit work and which with Soul. I can paste more of this literature if you like. My own assimilation is kind of in agreement with other comments here - soul is this enduring thing that is of the unity whereas spirit is something more conjured, more specific. Spirit works and plays in the name of the one Soul.

Simply imo.

Spirit is remnants of 3rd dimensional emotional energy.

Soul is consciousness.


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