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Hey friends.  I am asking myself this question a lot lately when I listen or watch a video online and I hear people say that spirituality is not going to solve your financial problems or not going to do this or not going to that for you. It leads me to the question then, "so what's the point"? If we cannot have better lives from learning to live as our spiritual selves with greater awareness and in touch with intuition and such, what is the ultimate point of seeking wisdom or truth, or enlightenment?

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the physical body die but the spirit doesn't die so we have to work on it.........Without forgetting the physical body is the vehicle that contain our souls........

it is the Precious substance


god bless u

Is the point of life to obtain financial security or to obtain self-knowledge, do you suppose?  A great many men and women die each and everyday without ever having truly lived - think on that.



Fr. E.S.Q.S.


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