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Wisdom is more of a noun than anything else to me. So hard to define.So real but can Wisdom be defined???



Would "you" give me your defination or explanation of Wisdom as you see and know Her/It and Who and what She is.

I have a number of old, small wonderful self-published books I found in second-hand book stores in Maine that I find very knowlegable from like 1924 and 1934. I also have  Mason and Rosicrucian booklets as well as very well known books that we are already acquainted with or know about.

Truthfully I am disturbed with this woman who wants to get a group together and facilitate sessions. The people involved have no inkling of the ideas, ideals  and posts that go on here in a group who feel called to Seek... These people  didn't get together originally for a group like this one she wants to  facilitate! Yet they are meeting every week and still don't know what it is about or why they continue to go.


Please post me your knowledge of who and what you believe Wisdom is. Can It/She even be 'defined?"

I am not including the work and writings that I have just done and put together because I do not want to influence your direction or definations.


Thank you if you respond.


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Wisdom is the Language of Knowing.

yeh it is really difficult to defined it and it's has a large and deep definition ................but generally it's putting things in their right place


god bless u


Anything that can be defined loses it's truth..  Truth cannot be boxed in.

all my respect to you and to your opinion but i think what u said is a Non-utilitarian philosophy........


........... there is just one thing is this universe that can't be completly defined and Described( i focus in the word completely ) is god cause it's beyond our mind but anything is below than god can be completely and deeply defined ,the human has the capability to define Creatures* like him (and All of this depends on the extent of knowledge possessed by this human) .

and it's something very very logically if you think deeply .........

(this is my opinion and i totally respect your opinion)

small observation:

if you don't believe that god exist, i can show you the right way........


god bless you.


*creatures :means everything.......and this is another logically word (i leave to you to analyze it)

Words cannot express spirituality in its totality and only convey the meaning given to it by the speaker and the recipient.  All language becomes finite and therefore cannot encapsulate the infinite.   But please do not agree with anything that doesn't resonate with you.

Zen masters say "Don't seek the truth - just drop your opinions


"Speech is blasphemy, silence a lie. Above speech and silence there is a way out."

I-tuan (義端) one of Nan-ch'uan's great disciples (The Golden Age of Zen 250, 322 n.13)

不立文字      Furyû monji               No dependence upon words and letters;


i'm just going to say........

focus in this sentence very well....(All of this depends on the extent of knowledge possessed by this human)


peace and god bless you

and be sure that i understood u more than u think.



Thank you for all your replies and wisdom. I have been away for a number of days and that is why I just had the opportunity to read your most interesting and informative as well as thought provoking replies. Thank you for caring. I shall think deeply on your suggestions.

I wrote this less than a year ago, off the cuff and posted it but going back over it seems very relevant to this recent discussion.



What is true Wisdom? How can anyone define something so pure, so enormous, so unfathomable? It sits and is Sphere Two itself. Close to the  I Am - Sphere One.

Wisdom on the Tree goes with Understanding ( Spheres Two and  Three.)

 Must one understand all the circumstances and probabilities to have an asset of Wisdom? Someone has defined to me that Wisdom is ; “If it works it is Wisdom.” Both sides of the divide or Abyss, or poles can have things that work for a time but overall that may not be true Wisdom for it may not be for the Good of all for all time! 

So what is Wisdom? Knowing Who I Am is? Knowing the Purpose of life? Better - fulfilling the Purpose of Life and becoming Who one truly is. Becoming more and more until there is no more to go because you are All-And–Everything, All –There- Is, All-No –Thing. Going through and past the Tree of Life into the 3 Veils of concealment (The Unknown). Going into/Becoming Chaos. Intelligent Chaos, which is all-potential that has the ability and the Wisdom to use it well at all times. The potential for anything is there but with Understanding and Wisdom pray that intelligence doesn’t need more puzzles to solve or tests to make or amusement to stimulate or separation of Self, which is not really no more than illusion but real to overcome to rise up.

The Ultimate is not affected ever, yet the game can change for those seemingly below but very real and not. The Ultimate knows the ultimate so-called result but that Path  is yours. Wisdom and understanding will help greatly!


Shekinah - Wisdom

“Truth is the Order of the Universe.”  Vel


 “The Book of Tokens” Paul Foster Case –Tarot Meditations

(under Daleth) about Gimel  pg. 42

Pure Knowing

“ In Gimel

Appeareth my perfect Wisdom

Which untieth all seeming contraries

And establish throughout creation

The balance of warring forces.”


Daleth –door: The Empress

“She is the thought

Which spinneth the plan of existence

That web of manifestation”


“And giveth understanding to the wise.”



I like to think about Wisdom like this..


First we are presented with Knowledge... from this Knowledge we gain Understanding... and from Understanding.. we gain Wisdom

to me wisdom comes from the intuitive self. Something we can't gain or understand within our minds, but experience first hand from the inside.


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