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Wisdom is more of a noun than anything else to me. So hard to define.So real but can Wisdom be defined???



Would "you" give me your defination or explanation of Wisdom as you see and know Her/It and Who and what She is.

I have a number of old, small wonderful self-published books I found in second-hand book stores in Maine that I find very knowlegable from like 1924 and 1934. I also have  Mason and Rosicrucian booklets as well as very well known books that we are already acquainted with or know about.

Truthfully I am disturbed with this woman who wants to get a group together and facilitate sessions. The people involved have no inkling of the ideas, ideals  and posts that go on here in a group who feel called to Seek... These people  didn't get together originally for a group like this one she wants to  facilitate! Yet they are meeting every week and still don't know what it is about or why they continue to go.


Please post me your knowledge of who and what you believe Wisdom is. Can It/She even be 'defined?"

I am not including the work and writings that I have just done and put together because I do not want to influence your direction or definations.


Thank you if you respond.


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Kristie, I really like what you say about Wisdom coming from the inside, the intuitive self. Many things can't be explained to those who "scientifically" question and want 'proof'. The most important revelations come from experiencing them.


Like there is no "Faith' unless  you have experienced your own revelation. You can't prove your experience to another who is outside of it. Has to have his own (or not)!

To me Wisdom is a Noun. I invite her to live in me . Her name is Shekeinah (Shechinah). In Egypt they called her Isis.


I'm not sure how familiar you are with Qabbalah, but Qabbalah says exactly that. Our world was created because a force was jealous of our eternal wisdom. That force we've come to know as Lucifer, the bringer of light. The light meaning our Manifest world. The story of lucifer is that he fell from heaven. If you are the first atom/eve, the alpha and omega, light itself can only be manifest in our physical world with shadow. Shadow can never go away only be minimized. It only makes me wonder what the true paradise state really is. Its it complete darkness? 


Matthew4:16 The people which sat in darkness saw great light

Adam from the Biblical “Adam and Eve”, refers to the atom form, and Eve refers to the light emanating from that form. Eve is the dawning of creation, the coming of the light. Eve is likewise, the evening, the end of the light. This symbolizes the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, of the bringer of light. Adam and Eve together, are symbolic names for the electrically charged atom symbol, which in turn symbolize the light bringer, the bright morning and evening stars. Together they represent the creator of light, the creator god called lucifer, …who is the light bringer

Perhaps this conversation may provoke some thoughts

Steve knows that on the Earth plane knowledge is very valuable and we use it to bring ourselves along our individual Path. Wisdom and Understanding are invaluable as we work and move toward the distant but obtainable 'Knowing'. Of course, that must come with a 'Grace' given to a very advanced Adept or even Master.


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