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Hello, I am curious as to what people think of franz bardons books. Do you like them? If not then what are your favorite books on the subject of magick?

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There's an Esoteric Online group devoted to Franz Bardon. Perhaps you could add a lot to it! here is the link -

Here is a Sephirot I found with roots in Robert Fludd and Franz Bardon. Feel free to repost this @ any group you join.

Elantris.  Sanderson.  Pine Derby and what follows after.  Books.  Anyways.  Trying to stunt my flow those yet to make a way with hands and waves and words and timing the rythmn of twine.  So many bails hayed and sow many strong.  What takes hold is a word for many men.  The red sands of Ejypt.  Want to know where we all come from. If the board does not know,  who is to judge us?  England Falls.  The rest of europe follows.  One king. Russia my toy.  Usa mein ground.  Imagine that.  Africa bows.  One little boy owns it all.


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