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Just for inspiration, here is a CGI made with blender. I admire the talent and imagination shown. Artists link

Here is a link to a demo reel of effects and ideas with blender.

Blenders Home page and download link

Objects and models from blender. There are many that are free to use, check copyrights. I will try to keep it to CC0. Witch is free for any use, mentioning its source is not necessary but I would encourage giving the ones who share their recognition and thanks. CC1 Has free use to I believe you must credit the author here.

Cool Cartoon Character


One of my favorite tutors is tutor4u . He is a great source to learn from.

Blender tutorial for beginners, wooden cup.

Will add more links as the lessons go. If you have a request for specific aspect of blender post or send me a message and we will see what we find.

Thanks for popping by.

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