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All 3D Creations and Simulations of Symbols sacred geometry from labs to legend. Pages (8)

Test video of shop with song I did.

Test video of shop with song I did. View »

Alchemical Symbols

To you strong or weary, welcome and and willing. To help read the sign stones on your path. Here is a link to reference PDF and picture some of the sources for the chart I have made. I need to get fe… View »

Virtual work space

I put forth the intend to create a 3D area to store as it is objects of the esoteric, legend, and hidden realms. Here on top is a start area needing much work! It is a cylindrical room with a door wa… View »

Alphabet Of the Magi

There was a talisman file made, it had a 5 pointed and 6 pointed stars on opposing sides. This is the Alphabet Of the Magi used in part to craft the spells. The files can be combined or appended to d… View »

Links Page

Just for inspiration, here is a CGI made with blender. I admire the talent and imagination shown. Artists link Here is a link to a demo reel of effects and ideas with blender. Blenders Home page a… View »

Commission a talisman 7 Comments

Talisman7.blend A friend asked if I would commission a talisman an offered it to other too. here is a link to the object. It will only have the stars on ether side. Tried to get a copper and lead loo… View »

Sun Temple Scene

This is a sun temple located less then 50 miles from Mexico city, I believe. WIP_Sun%20Temple1.blend Here is a file I have started to make the scene. Sun Temple Scene About 20 minutes into this ther… View »

3D file

quintessence14.blend Here as a blend file of the Quintessence symbol. I made it so it is free for all to use. View »


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