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While observing planetary influences of the days are very important to Alchemical, Herbal, and Magic work, did you know that each days consists of planetary hours which are equally important?

Planetary hours allow you to fine-tune and/or magnify the effects of the planets influences on the great work, and they also allow you do to work with an influence even though it may not be the proper day! However, using both the planetary day AND the planetary hour in conjunction with each other is by far the preferred method.

For example, you may already know that in working (with an herbal spagyric tincture for example) with influences of the Sun, work should be done on Sunday, or with the Moon on Monday. Well, the Sun and the Moon also have particular hours which they rule over as well, so incorporating your work on that particular day AND that particular hour, make for extremely powerful conditions for transmutation to take place.

The planetary hours can be calculated as such:

Let's say you want to calculate the planetary hours for a given Sunday. You have determined that sun rises at 5 AM and sets at 7 PM.

Next, find the difference. In this example it's 14 hours. Multiply that number by 60 (the number of modern day minutes in an hour). You need to know how many minutes exist between sunrise and sunset. In this instance, the result is 840 minutes.

Now divide the number of minutes (840 ) by 12 (1/2 the number of hours in a modern day) to determine the daytime hours. In our example the result is 70 minutes or 1 hour and 10 minutes.

We know that Sunday is ruled by the Sun. So the first hour of the day is owned by the Sun. In our example, 5 AM until 6:10 AM is the "sun hour". As you can see, using planetary hours does not mean working within modern day 60 minute intervals. From 6:11 AM until 7:21 AM, one experiences the influence of Venus on this day. You would continue calculating the hours using the 70 minutes intervals and the above mentioned planetary order from sunrise to sunset.

To determine nighttime hours, one would make the same calculations from sunset to the next sunrise on Monday.

In this example we have 10 hours between sunset at 7PM and sunrise at 5 AM. When we multiply 10 hours with 60 minutes we see there are 600 minutes between sunset and sunrise the following day. By dividing 600 minutes by 12 hours we can then determine that every 50 minutes the planetary influence will shift this particular Sunday. Therefore, from 7:00 PM until 7:50 PM, the influence of Jupiter is felt (Saturn was the last daylight hour - so continue naming hours in the proper sequence)

For those that want an automatic calculation, I have yet to find a nice widget or something that can be placed within the site, I can give you a link to the site I use for such calculations.

Planetary Hours Calculator

Be sure to also observe the planetary influences here:
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Great post Tris it is very well explain! PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT ☽o☾♡ ☼ David.
Tris, this is great...
Thanks for this schedule been looking for a long time for it, This will go well with my farmers alminac.
Hi Laura,

Thank you very much for this suggestion, I have just installed it on Vista (32 bit), and it is working absolutely great!

I see they are also looking for a skilled C# programmer, so i will also be contacting them to offer my assistance.

I highly recommend this program to anyone interesting in properly observing planetary hours, to get a copy, Download Here.

Thanks again Laura!
Nice post, and very useful for spagyrics or astrological talisman-making, and other things ; ) Here is an astrological site with a planetary hours calculator with latitutde and longitude, major cities around the world, don't forget to use military time to get the nightime planetary rulers.


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