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The Apotheosis of Humanity: The Great Work & The Sacred Marriage

Here is my newest video discussing The Great Work of Alchemy using many pieces of classical Esoteric artwork.

I hope all of my fratres and sorores will enjoy this visual treat.

The Apotheosis of Humanity: Part 1

The Apotheosis of Humanity: Part 2

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Absolutely Sunmover, I am happy you were interested in this material.


The Winged Lion can be seen as different colors sometimes, it depends on the artist and what part of the alchemical process they are displaying.


BUT -- One thing we can always say about the Winged Lion is that it symbolizes the Purified Lower Self, or the Transmutation of unreasonable desires.


Things like Pride, Ego, Greed, Competition, Division, and of course, unbridled sexual desires. All of these are seen in the LION of the WILD.....but not in the Purified/Winged Lion.


So, in a way, the Winged Lion is very much like the Phoenix risen from it's own ashes. The Winged Lion rises from it's own beastly nature, which is now a carcass below the Higher Self.


So, if your Heart is somehow attuned to this symbol, it is a portal/symbol you will "walk through" someday, if not already.


I hope that helps. : )

Sunmover -- I am lost in your have had many meaningful experiences and the symbology is amazing! Your words reveal to me that this is a life-experience you are going through, which means you have moved on beyond the "interesting to read" part that launches these sorts of Journeys.


There are loads of mystical and esoteric classes available these days to attend, and if they are free or affordable, it is always good to attend these discussions.


This is a very wise shaman you met, and I am sure he/she had the Spiral marked on his body somewhere. Shamans and healers around the ancient Earth wore the Spiral as their "mark", even though they were oceans and worlds apart.


If I may dare attempt to understand the parable of this Wise shaman, I would say that this represents the SELF. We are the Salt of the Earth -- which also means -- we are the KEY that unlocks the Mandala of Life.


The key you seek is actually the KEY you BECOME.


This is why so many never find the Key they are "looking" for, because it is them. All along, it was already in their possession. The Salt, or Body must become the Alchemical retort, and the process begins. When the body is purified, the Cross emerges to signify the completed process.


So the whole "tool box" is you. Every color in the rainbow is in you. From one cell grew this amazing wonderland of synchronized beauty, called YOU. You are every amulet and sigil in the book. In fact, the reason you are told to draw Sigils on "pure, white lambskin parchment" is because this is unobtainable physically, but not MENTALLY. Make sure you have a PURE WHITE "SCREEN" to project your Sigil on. Am I making sense? It's all you.


The Magic Wand is your WILL, which is always waving around, making this or that happen. Your Robes is your AURA. Your HOOD is your MIND-FULL of GOD. The Magic is life experiences. The Magic Circle is your protective Sphere of Understanding (a who's who of Holy Names).

The "triangle" you summon the demons to is the Triangular Peninsula in the head - the pineal, pituitary and thalamus. This is the 3rd Eye, or Inner Eye that can "see" the demon, while protecting the Waking Consciousness from allowing it to enter your MIND and be seen in your visible reality.

It all happens within and this naturally transforms the world without.

(Sorry for rambling.....haha)





That is awesome that you have an Inner Council!!! Thank you for the reminder, I need to write my own dream down in my dream journal, regarding a dream with my own Inner Council.


The Cube you received was very much an indication that you are an Indigo Child, but you will have to ask yourself that. God will write this down on your Heart, which is the true Holy Book.

A LOT of us are getting STRONG messages from the Invisible Masters who are trying to Awaken us to our True Natures.


I thought I may be Indigo, but received what I thought to be a "correction" that I was Lemurian or Atlantean, which is proving to be true. Either way, we're all here to do the same thing: Awaken ourselves while helping humanity transition from the broken ideas of the Age of Pisces to the Golden Philosophies of the Age of Aquarius.


Lapis Lazuli -- You couldn't ask for a better symbol! Indigo Child, unfolding your personal Cube of Space.

The 7th Direction within. I've written about that as well. Your welcome to my blog Sunmover if you like.



In the Emerald Tablets -- Thoth refers to Number 3 as the "Binding Force".

That's pretty cool how it relates to the "centurion guard". The Lion, or tamed lower passions, now is your companion and looks out for you, is willing to die for you.


4 Such Groups - the Trinity within the Trinity


This is:






God of Creation. Within each letter of the Holy Tetragrammaton is the Trinity, and within each of the Trinity is the Trinity, and so on.


In Alchemy, Salt itself is made up of Salt, Sulfur, Mercury.

Sulfur is made up of Salt, Sulfur, Mercury.

Mercury is made up of Salt, Sulfur, Mercury.


Azoth is the 4th Spiritual Element here - the aqua vitae.


SO -- the 4 groups is the HOLY TETRAGRAMMATON -- itself 4 Living Centers.


The RED Lion!!! Magnificent! The Red Tincture -- The White Tincture combine.


Avebury? Very nice my friend, I dream of traveling all the time, but I guess I dream harder about the world I'm building right here. haha I cannot wait until I am able to travel again.


Your SIGNS are great Sunmover, I hope you continue seeking more Light and follow the Universal Laws along the Way. It is a process and it sounds like your doing very good in your own Great Work. : )






Sunmover -- I appreciate your words on Lemurians being Indigo, that was very interesting to me.


The Epic of Gilgamesh -- yes I know this tale well!! I love it!


This was an important part of Human Development because it shows the immense power of Free Will and Determination, to the point that a HUMAN defeats the Bull of Heaven!!!


Of course, the Heavens responded, but this is long before humanity developed it's arsenal of Peaceful Protection, which we carry today.


The Atra-Hasis is another one of my favorites!!! We have to be very careful looking this far back into our history because so much DEVELOPMENT took place between then and now.

We are constantly developing, learning, getting better, stronger, wiser, etc.....


But Gilgamesh could travel with Enkidu into the Heavens and fight the Bull -- that in itself speaks volumes for the powers that lie dormant within humanity.


What One human can accomplish is beyond the imagination of the whole of humanity. That is an undeniable Truth. : )



Well done, thanks for sharing Mem Key. Did you order those prints from Alchemy online or did you have kinkos do them?
Thank you AMENMAATRA - If I remember correctly, I ordered them from the Theosophical Society some time ago. I was surprised when they came in the mail so big, I guess I didn't pay attention to what I was ordering. lol

NICE Sunmover!!! You noticed the book in my video!!! I never showed it to the camera, but the 'Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians' was opened up to the page titled "The Philospher's Stone" -- and if you look closely, you can see the beginning sphere and ending sphere of the Great Work at the bottom of the page:

Putrefactio - Resurrectio


Ahh.....if I had more time....I would show it all.  I cannot wait until I can make these videos HD and professional quality. : )

Coming soon to a theater near you.

thank you Mem Key... My thanks mistakingly went elswhere for these video's. (a repost I imagine.) This explaination was the key I have been searching for for some time now. Thank you for taking the time to make it so that it could find its way to me.


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