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Earth Medicines' unique personality profiling method draws on Native American understanding of the Universe, and the principles established in Sacred Medicine Wheels.
Native Americans believed that Spirit, although invisible, permeated Nature, so that everything in Nature was Sacred. Animals were perceived as acting as messengers of the Spirit. They appeared in waking dreams to impart power known as "Medicine". The recipients of such dreams honored the animal species that appeared to them by rendering their images on ceremonial, ornamental, and everyday artifacts.

Nature Within Itself

Native American Shamans - Tribal Wisemen - recognised similarities between the natural forces prevalent during the seasons and the characteristics of those born during corresponding times of the year. Also noted was how personality is affected by the four phases of the Moon - at birth and throughout life - and by the continual alternation of Energy Flow, from Active to Passive. This view is encapsulated in Earth Medicine, which helps you to recognize how the dynamics of Nature function within you and how the potential strengths you were born with can be developed.

Medicine Wheels

The cultural traditions of Native Americans embrace a variety of circular symbolic images and objects. These sacred hoops have become known as Medicine Wheels, due to their similarity to the spoked wheels of the wagons carrying settlers deep into Native American territory. Each Medicine Wheel showed how different objects or qualities related to one another within the the context of a greater whole, and how different forces and energies moved within it.
One Medicine Wheel might be regarded as the master wheel because it indicated balance within Nature and the most effective way of achieving harmony within the Universe and Ourselves. Earth medicine is structured upon this master Medicine Wheel.

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