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The Alchemy of the Age of Aquarius

By Julia Griffin

Importance of the Energies

Many light workers are writing or speaking about the energies of the New Age. Symbols lend insight, provoke thought and reveal spiritual information. Synastry is an astrological term that merges symbol, information and intuition. Much of this material is presented from the alchemical perspective.

Alchemy encourages personal evolution and creation as a means of rapidly accelerating the evolution of the planet. There is a blueprint for each individual, nature and the planet. Knowledge of the present energies allows for greater opportunity and possibility. By aligning with our divinity, we awaken to almost infinite possibility.

The Ages

The beginning of the Piscean Age brought the enlightening forces of Buddha and Jesus. Their teachings influenced the entire 2,000 year period. Pisces is a water sign, and water signifies emotions and feelings. Love is the highest emanation of emotion. Christ and Buddha both taught unconditional love in a world that previously measured love by adherence to law (Aries Age.) Pisces is signified by 2 fishes swimming in opposite directions or duality in emotion. The resulting expression of Christianity was often an exercise in duality, eventually ending in persecution, as opposed to the teachings of Christ.

Aquarian energy is more balanced in its expression of love. Aquarius represents a slightly detached or impersonal form of love, the quest for individuality, and the mystical impact of the individual within a group. Many of us have joined together at the same time for this act of creation. It is not so much about a few individuals teaching enlightenment, but about many individuals experiencing enlightenment simultaneously.

It is during our time, through managing our choices, that we are invited to create an outer world that mirrors our innermost prayers and dreams. — Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect

Planets and Signs

Aquarius is an air sign. The significance of Air is its ability to be everywhere at once. We breathe air so it is a substance that is shared by everyone. Air can travel anywhere very quickly. Satellites, electric al and phone lines, cell towers, internet, and space travel are examples of this rapid movement of air.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus is the planet of spiritual change. The influence of Uranus can be erratic, and it is usually defined as swift, sudden, and unexpected. (Think miracles!) Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune.

Metaphysically, Uranus represents the unified or Quantum field. The Quantum or Akashic Field is similar to an instant messenger on the universal level. It stores the telepathic impressions of our thoughts, desires and emotions and relays them, not just to the recipient, but to anyone who can access the field. It is also the space of stored impressions, angels and our highest capacity for good or wholeness.

Jupiter is the planet of benevolence and expansion. Spiritual knowledge, journeys and adventure are also associated with Jupiter. Coordinating the five senses with wisdom and moving into action with one's vision are part of the expansive energy. Volumes of spiritual knowledge are now on the web. The vehicles of the Aquarian Age — such as rapid air travel and internet- support global travel and communication. Jupiter also expands our access to the quantum field and our ability to be everywhere or anywhere at once.

These energetic implications can be seen in physical reality. Spiritual reality implies that there are still many divine applications of Aquarian energy to be seen. Prana, or life force, is found in air. Prana is the sublime art of breathing life force into the body. The cultivation of life force through breath and water may soon become heralded in new science. Scientific data indicates that emotions affect DNA, perhaps even aging and health.

The power of frequency and vibration are reflected in the current studies of binaural beat brain waves, 528 megahertz, and Emoto's photographs of water crystals. The effect of vibration is being shared throughout the web and globe. As humanity learns the art of creating through vibration in physical reality, the possibilities can be as great or small as our imagination.


Occult symbols have long been the method of transferring wisdom through geometrical figures and glyphs. The symbols and glyph for Aquarius can be translated into alchemical meanings for more subtle understanding of its esoteric meaning.

The symbol of Aquarius is the water-bearer. The water-bearer is a man who represents the masculine, yet neutral, energy of the element, air. He pours water from a container into the air. The container is held above his head, indicating that the water comes from a celestial, rather than earthly source. The round open ended container represents 360 degrees, the measure of the circle. In metaphysics, the circle represents unity or higher consciousness.

Higher consciousness is found in the field. In alchemy, water represents the higher emotion of love, the love that results from a connection with the divine. The glyph of Aquarius is two parallel waves. The adage of "as above, so below" or "heaven on earth" is easily applied; however, the stars are said to impel; they do not compel. The position of the stars indicates the likelihood of a pattern of energy that creates an event. It does not mean that this is written in stone.

"Heaven on earth" is far more likely to refer to the evolution of the consciousness of humanity, as well as humanity's realization that consciousness affects matter. It is more practical to think that humanity will become adept at conscious creation, which encompasses not only the methodology of alchemy, but also the most, amazing love frequency which is the underlying substance of matter.

Metaphysics teaches that our consciousness affects matter. It is more practical to think that we will become adept in our understanding of the methodology of alchemy, rather than to expect achieve heaven on earth effortlessly. Alchemy also encompasses a particularly wonderful vibration, a pulse of love that responds to pure desire. Unity with the field, coupled with unconditional love, undoubtedly, is a state that creates miracles.

The Elements

Alchemical evolution of an individual occurs through balancing the elements of his or her nature. Transmutation of one substance to another occurs through a transmuted state of personality. In Hermetic work, it is important to look objectively at all of one's character — the flaws and the strengths or the balance of the elements of one's nature.

The four elements are fire, air, water and earth. They transmit through or unite through the akasha or the Field. Fire represents creativity, and air symbolizes thought and image. Water is passion or love, and earth is stability, the grounding element. Earth is also the hologram of one's physical existence.

Man and woman are electro-magnetic beings. Fire and air are electrical and male elements. Water and earth are magnetic elements. Co-creation is harmonious when electrical and magnetic currents are balanced.

The Age of Aquarius provides the elements of air, akasha and water as image, access to the Field and unconditional love. The influence of these three elements is seen through media, internet and the current spiritual movement. They are visible on the mass screen, but their influence on physical reality is not so visible. The present state of the planet calls for a miraculous transformation in the physical. How is heaven on earth created from chaos?

Hidden Answers

If we look closely, the symbol of Aquarius yields more information. The answer lies not only in what is shown in the symbol, but also in its omission. The Mystery Schools secretly promulgated knowledge through that which is "not seen" so that an answer is perceived and derived, rather than inscribed. The aspirant is taught to meditate on any absence in a sequence to deduct the underlying wisdom in symbol. The elements of fire and earth are absent from the symbol, and their absence hints at the underlying answer in materializing the Aquarian energies into form.


In alchemy, fire is creativity. It is will and desire. Fire is the reception of an idea from the Divine and its ensuing application in the form of matter. Fire involves the reception and application through activity (a fire quality) of enthusiasm, determination, daring and courage, as well as intent, inspiration and devotion.

A desire takes form through an act of will that engages commitment, change and perseverance. The highest desires are born from our spiritual nature. When we create a desire in form, we experience an expansion of our character, our reality and world. Fire is a burning desire that propels us into our inner being so that we create with the One to become part of the All.

Desire ignites our will. If "heaven on earth" is truly desired by humanity, then perseverance is needed for manifestation of the physical form. Each individual has a gift, talent and ability to connect to the Divine. Many individuals have a vision of a more harmonious world. When a positive vision is shared, many benefit. Unity results from the sharing of the gifts of many.


Earth in alchemy is not the world or earth at large. Earth is an individual's experience, hologram or representation and experience of his or her physical world. Earth is the place of any actualized manifestation; it grounds creation into form. In manifestation, one creates in their own personal experience of reality, which includes our subjective feelings about reality and the world.

It is necessary to live in the desired state of "earth" to manifest it. The desired state means imagining solutions where there are none, such as trees and gardens filling barren earth or food, health and shelter for the inhabitants of the earth. It also includes solutions for over-population, green energy, organic gardens, clean air and water, holistic health, imaginative education and abundant time for one another. This is seeing the divine blueprint rather than the illusion.

Action occurs through our physical bodies. We can also put feet on our prayers by acting with kindness and gratitude when the opportunity is presented. We can plant trees and conserve energy. We can share our vision through words, paintings, music or other arts.

The proper use of the element of Earth also requires grounding or time in Nature. Nature is the physical force that actually materializes our desires. Nature responds to us with the gift of love and beauty. She tends to the garden of our souls and evolves through our co-creation.


Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer who has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of people through her manifestation and meditative techniques. She teaches these techniques in her group classes, one-on-one sessions, and e-courses. Julia has been a contributing writer for Spirit of Maat. She has a deep understanding of energetics based on extensive studies. She is an alchemist, astrologer, herbalist and Reiki master. She has the ability to communicate with plants and animals. She lived with wolves for nine years, while developing her intuitive abilities.

She recently launched the Julia Mystery School e-course; these workshops embody advanced teachings for those who want to deepen their understanding of how we create our personal "reality". Julia offers a free monthly newsletter that includes manifestation, meditation and energetic techniques, the One True Self enewsletter at

Julia Griffin PO Box 366, Clermont, Georgia 30527

Telephone: 770.983.1958



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Excellent information. I keep forgetting that Aquarius is an Air sign :P

As below:

Hi Ryan, what is the image of? Is it supposed to have a connection to the sign Aquarius? I have never seen such an image before, although it looks like a mandala? Anyways - it is hypnotizing if you look at it in the middle, at least it seems to play tricks on my eyes, very scary! LOL
Hi Carol,

It's supposed to be symbolic of Earth - as below. Should help with opening the 3rd eye, if stared at for long enough.

I don't have one for Air unfortunately :D

Oh! Great! Thanks a lot for posting this for all of us to try out!!!
although I only get hypnotized when I stare at it and feel like I am about to faint lol
but then again... I am a real softie


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