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March 13/13

Timing of the New Pope
and the casting of the Ballot

"He is the first Jesuit pope. He became the first pope to choose the name Francis, one of the Catholic Church’s most revered saints, who worked with those in extreme poverty in 13th century Italy."

If you go to my calendar converter website, you will notice that on the 360 calendar of Bible Prophecy, the day of his election was not only on March 13/13, but it was also the "13th month, the 13th day" on this calendar, which calendar began at the Exodus in 1446 BC, which happens to be 266 x 13 years ago exactly -- and the new Pope happens to be the 266th Pope! (Interestingly, modern Jews place the Exodus at "1313 BC".) 

I also happened to watch a movie about Queen Ester just as Adar 13 on the 360 calendar was beginning, and I noted that this is the day when the Purim was cast for the destruction of Jews.

Ester 3:13 "And the letters were sent by posts into all the king's provinces, to destroy, to kill, and to cause to perish, all Jews, both young and old, little children and women, in one day, even upon the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which is the month Adar, and to take the spoil of them for a prey."

Now it just happens that this year there are two Adars on the 360 calendar, so that this is the "13th month the 13th day", instead of just the 12th month. But it is still the 360-calendar anniversary of this same decree -- except with increased emphasis on the number "13" -- the number of "curse". 

You will also notice the parallel 360 calendar that begins at Christ's birth. It is one month ahead the other calendar, so that it is the "first month, the 13th day". 

Ester 3:7 "In the twelfth year of the reign of King Ahasuerus, in the first month (the month Nisan), the pur (that is, the lot) was cast in Haman's presence to determine the best day and month to carry out his plot. The lot indicated the twelfth month, the month Adar." (Note, the "pur" thus landed on the 13th year of Ahasuerus, the Persian king, which is modern day Iran.)

On the regular Jewish calendar, today is also Nisan 2. It happens that the word "pur" means to "cast" -- as in casting lots -- and today they "cast" the ballot ("Pur") for the new pope! And because today is Nisan 2nd on the regular Jewish calendar; therefore, 13 days from now is Passover, the anniversary of the Exodusexactly 266 x 13 years ago!

God will turn the pur around just as he did for Jews in Queen Esters time.

Ester 9:1 "On the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which is the month Adar, when the king's order and edict was about to be carried out, on the day when the enemies of the Jewish people expected to prevail over them, things wereturned around so that the Jewish people themselves prevailed over those who hated them."

And one more coincidence: Around the same hour the pope was elected...

(Jerusalem Post"After days of haggling, Netanyahu strikes coalition deal."





Jan. 24/13

At the very hour of the literal New Year of the Exodus from Egypt, (1446 BC, 7 pm, March 10, i.e., "Abib 1/Nisan 1 just commencing, Ex. 12:1, (and thus was the start of the new datum), there was a total eclipse of the sun! The command to keep this special “New Year” was given on the eve of the 10th plague on Egypt just before “Passover”.

Click images to enlarge.

I discovered the above eclipse while working on the below automated calendar. It occurs EXACTLY at the New Year of the Exodus from Egypt -- at the source of the Nile river! Interestingly, 3.5 years earlier another total eclipse occurred in the same area, reminiscent of the serpent of Rev. 12. (There are exactly 3.5 lunar years until Israel arrived at Mt. Sinai and exactly 3.5 solar years until Pentecost when the commandments were given, Nov. 15, 1450 BC until May 15, 1446 BC, Julian cal. Also, near 1290 days {1288} on 360 calendar, Dan. 12. See Rev. 12:17. Such a configuration of timing testifies to the accuracy of the traditional 1446 BC of modern scholarship as the date of the Exodus.)

Another eclipse 3.5 years earlier.   



Dec. 21, 2012

360-days Automated Calendar Converter

After two decades, the above calendar converter is final out! 



Nov. 30, Dec. 1, 2012 (Update)

Update on Hurricane Sandy: 
How Hurricane Michael links to Sandy, and also formed the number "5" (and "2")!
And about the UN vote for Palestinian non-member observer state.

 How these Numbers Spell: "Be Strengthened! Be Strong!" (סעד חזק)

1991 "Perfect Storm" 2012 Hurricane Michael 2012 "Superstorm Sandy"
hurricane-michael-number-five-.jpg (2801 bytes) hurricane-Superstorm-sandy-number-seven.jpg (2788 bytes) hurricane-supersandy-number-seven.jpg (2515 bytes)
 8th letter of 
Hebrew alphabet is:

5 + 2 = '7'
 7th letter of 
Hebrew alphabet is:
5 + 7 + 7 = '19'
 19th letter of 
Hebrew alphabet is:
Equals "חזק", meaning: "Be strong!"
(Note: Hebrew reads from right to left.)

And as 852,577 days!


Click here for the meaning of this astounding sign.

"The Writing on the Wall" -- Again!

"Mene", "Your days are numbered..."




  Hurricane Sandy: 

What does it have to do with the presidential race
and the revelation of biblical numbers?

Oct. 30, 2012. (Updated Nov. 5, 5 am.)

perfect-storm-grace-1991-eight: 2025 Hurricane Sandy, 2012 and 2025.

(Also, look for coming article on "Comet Ison".)




(Sept. 25, 2012)

Mecca to be Destroyed Like Sodom and Gomorrah?

(And also My Dream about the Stock Market, Iran, and Sodom)

Side note: Why in Mecca (of Saudi Arabia) did the hottest rain ever recorded for anywhere in the world just occur June 5, 2012? A thunderstorm rolled in over Mecca (Mekkah) when the temperature was at 109 degrees. (Moreover, Mecca set their own hottest day ever for that city just three days prior, that is, on June 2, 2012. The temperature hit a scorching 124.5 degrees!) I believe that both the record hot day and the record hot rain three days later are both symbolic of the rain of fire that "rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah" about 4000 years ago.

Why was this record hot rain a sign from God? 



Aug. 29

  Why hurricane Isaac (2012) landed
on the seventh anniversary of Katrina?

And why is it named "Isaac"?

(Isaac may also end the US drought. See earlier article about drought.)



July 23, 2012

Concerning the worst drought in the US since 1956.

I will be brief!

Over the years, we have been closely following the various numeric patterns that begin with the seven-year famine of Joseph as recorded in the bible. For example, the below chart has been on the internet for about 15 years. 

2012 and its connection to the past.

Over the past ten years or so, we have predicted weather-related events (among many other things) by the above numeric. Forexample, last year the exact days when three record tornado outbreaks would occur, as well as 20 hurricanes, were laid out on this website before they happened. Most of these weather predictions had to do with the United States.

One pattern that we have been watching is the '1260 + 1290 + 1335 year-pattern' as commencing from the seven-year drought of Joseph (1878-1871 BC, see above chart). (Note: all possible sequences of these timeframes fall on similar events, whether we begin with 1260, 1290, or 1335. See above chart. Therefore, the order of these three timeframes are interchangeable.) We also wrote an article as to why 2012 would be a year to watch. It happens that 1335 + 1290 + 1260 years from the seven-year famine of Joseph lands on AD 2008-2015, with 2012 being the middle of this seven-year span. (The bible often divides seven-year periods in the middle; example, Dan. 9:24-27. Half of seven years is 1260 or 1290 days on the 360 calendar.)

Therefore, it is not a coincidence that world economies again took a dive 3.5 years after the September economic collapse of 2008. (And exactly seven years before 2008 was the warning-sign of the collapse of the World Trade Center.) The strange weather of 2012 began in March, when much of the US and Canada experienced summer-like weather in winter!

The bible refers to the famine of Joseph as a "world wide" drought that overturned many social orders, Gen. 47:19-22. However, theMiddle East was particularly affected. (The drought in Joseph's day caused the people of Israel to have to go to Egypt for grain. Recall also Joseph's dream of seven scrawny cows and wheat-stocks, which he interpreted to mean 'seven years of famine', Gen. 41. For seven years before the seven bad years of drought, Joseph stockpiled grain to preserve life, Gen. 41:47-49.) 

Keep in mind the above underlined key words to do with Joseph's drought --and the said years of 2008 and 2012 -- as you read the following excerpts from the below news article. (

The parallels are obvious. I have underlined the key words. (Keep in mind that many Jews consider the US to be the New Promised Land, about which the bible prophesies that they will one day leave to return to their true native land, that is, Israel.)


"US drought could trigger repeat of global food crisis, experts warn  (July 23, 2012)

As the mid-west bakes and food prices soar, threats of a ripple effect in the Middle East could lead to moreuprisings"

America's drought threatens a recurrence of the 2008 global food crisis, when soaring prices set off riots and unrest to parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, food experts warn...

The US department of agriculture meanwhile predicted there would be less corn coming onto global markets over the next year, because of a sharp drop in US exports.

America is the world's largest producer of corn, dominating the market. Corn is also connected to many food items – as feed for dairy cows or for hogs and beef cattle, as a component in processed food – expanding the impact of those price rises...

"What happens to the US supply has an immense impact around the world. If the price of corn rises high enough, it also pulls up the price of wheat," he said.

He went on: "I think we are in for a very serious situation worldwide."

Some analysts are predicting a repetition of the 2008 protests that swept across Africa and the Middle East, including countries like Egypt, because of food prices.

In 2008, the food shock was due to rising prices for rice and wheat. This time, it's because of corn and soybean, and there were no signs of shortfall in rice or wheat production...

Thompson also warned that countries could make matters worse by stockpiling – putting further pressure on prices. That was the pattern during the 2008 food crisis when Russia, Ukraine, India and Argentina all cut off grain exports."



May 25, 2012

Just a quick note:

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.First read article in Jerusalem Post at this link. It is about animportant discovery.

It happens that if the broken seal from "Bethlehem" (where Jesus was born) was from the "seventh year of king" Hezekiah, than that's the same year of the initial fulfillment of chapters 7-9 of Isaiah (in 733/732 BC). Isaiah 7-9 refers to the birth of Messiah, Jesus, and to the destruction of Syria and Ephraim in 733/732 BC -- Judah's two enemies at the time. 

Amazingly, Isaiah 8:13 even refers to a seal:

"Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples," (Isa. 8:16).

What does it mean as a sign from God?

1. Today Israel faces Syria and Iran as enemies, and God warns Israel not to rely on America (Assyria) for help! (The prophecy by Isaiah at that time warned Israel {Judah} not to join in league with the leading power at that time, which was Assyria.) 

2. The whole world at this time is turning to the US dollar for a lifeline against the instability in Europe over the Greece exit from the EC (which I believe will happen). But this will prove futile and disastrous. (See, "Axe to the Root", written eight years ago.) 

3. God has, is, and will, open His sealed revelations in order to turn back Israel to Himself. (Dan. 12.) Also, note that the seal has the word "seventh" on it, and compare this to the seven seals of Rev. 5.

Picture Bible Code of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah bearing His cross, staff, rod, and sword! "His star" shines at top! All pretenders to the throne will be crushed."And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof," (Rev. 5:5).

One final note: On my 360 calendar, May 22/23, 2012, when the news of this find was released to the public, for various reasons I had those very same two days already marked as symbolic of the birth of Jesus the Messiah and was anticipating something to happen in keeping with Jesus birth on those two days! (The general media places the release of this find to the public either on May 22 or May 23, the difference likely due to time-zone differences.) 

The actual discovery occurred "about three months earlier", and this, too, is hugely significant. However, I won't explain that now because it is complicated and has to do with the "BC/AD mirror" and the "symbolic day/year" at that time. (You can search my website with Google for those terms and perhaps you can figure out what I am getting at for yourself -- if your really want to know!)



Posted noon, May 17, 2012

2011 Predictions as posted ahead of time -- All 30 came true. 
The odds of which are one in a trillion trillion!



April 12-13, 2012

(Cruise-Ship Final-Update)

'Azamara Quest' Cruise-Ship Accident
(The third cruise-ship accident in 77 days, 
as predicted by several bible-code pictograms.) 

Among many other amazing things, this third accident occurred exactly 100 years after the sinking of the Titanic (on the 360 calendar), and on the anniversary of when Noah and his family left the ark. 



March 7, 2012

(Updated to show how the exact minute of the flare was predicted!
And the Purim symbolism of why this powerful CME did not impact earth as much as originally expected.)

  A major solar flare just occurred, Purim, 2012  

It's a sign of a future nuclear war between 
Russia and Iran against Israel. Here's why!




Feb. 28, 2012

 Important update on Concordia Cruise Ship Accident

  "'Costa Allegra’ Stranded: Another Cruise From Hell"

Exactly 45 days after the Costa Concordia wreck, her sister ship, the Costa Allegra, is stranded in shark and pirate invested waters without power; all this with the fear of what happened to the Concordia fresh in their minds...

The timing is astonishing! What is God saying?




Feb. 16, 2012




Feb. 9, 2012

Severe storms and cold weather afflict Europe this winter (2012), as predicted back in late November, 2011 -- based partly upon a picture bible code. Click here for more.




Jan. 14, 2012
(Updated again Jan. 15-17 concerning "144,000")

The Rome cruise-ship accident on Friday, Jan. 13, 2012, and the remarkable similarities to the (Rome) "Ship Bible Code" image discovered in 2007.

A sign of coming European disunity.






Updated repeated between Dec. 24-Jan. 5, 2012

Comet Lovejoy

“The Christmas Star”

The exact day when amazing comet "Lovejoy", 
"The Christmas Star", would come was foretold ahead of time.




Dec. 18/11

  Updated (again!)

The day when the Philippines disaster occurred was predicted by numeric and code, along with three other disasters that all occurred at the same time, and in related ways.

Click here for the full article about these disasters as they relate to these picture bible codes.





Dec. 9/11

Update on below "Hanukah Windstorm!"

Dec. 1/11


Hanukah Windstorm (360 calendar)

California windstorm Dec. 1/2011. Gusts up to 150mph on Mammoth Mountain!

Seven days later, 165mph at mountain in Scotland, which is the end of this same seven days of Hanukah (on the 360 calendar)! "Scotland" was also the direction that the first storm went it.



Nov. 30/11

The awesome reason why the Atlantic low became Xaver (Berit), and not tropical storm Tammy, and so fulfilled yet another prediction for when the named storm would terminate.



Nov. 21-22/11

700 AM PST TUE NOV 22 2011


Update on ongoing storm predictions:
 Pacific Storm "THIRTEEN" becomes "rare" 
Hurricane Kenneth.

Notice the "Six" ("6") overtop the 'S", and compare it to the English Bible Code pictogram of four years ago that predicted coming storms, which code is also associated with the numbers 12 and 666.

Click to enlarge!

Hurricane Kenneth forms on day predicted as from 1260000 +1260 + 1260 days from when Israel came out of Egypt.


Nov. 17/11

Ongoing signs as from the Balance Bible Code:

TS Sean
and the Bermuda Triangle!

And the November Tornado outbreak


11/11/11 at the 11th hour is Remembrance Day. 
See, "11/11/11" for more.



Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, (Hebrew, "The Aleph and the Tav").


I noticed what is written below just today. However, the encoded images of the sideways-mountain overlapping the lamp was discovered and posted on the internet more then ten years ago. Click here forfull article.





Oct. 28/11

Updates on the Pyramid Bible Code,
 (part of the Cherub/Balance Bible Code).

Mountain-pyramid bible code of the New Jerusalem.



Maybe I am just seeing things, but ... I think I see the outline of "two wings of a great eagle" formed by the path made by hurricane Irwin, whose name in fact means "eagle"! However, it is the timing of this storm that links it so perfectly with a verse in the bible about "two wings of a great eagle" that has me shaking my head in amazement! (Click here for details.)

Hurricane Irwin, meaning "eagle", forms two wings of a great eagle.

More signs: Hurricane Jova


Oct. 31/11

UPDATE on Storm-Predictions:
What does Hurricane Rina, the 2011 Halloween nor'easter, UNESCO's acceptance of Palestine's membership, and the "seven-billionth" baby born all have in common?


Oct. 28/11

Updates on the Pyramid Bible Code,
 (part of the Cherub/Balance Bible Code).

Mountain-pyramid bible code of the New Jerusalem.


Oct. 25/11

Final update and thoughts on Comet Elenin.

Oct. 20/11

Remnants of "Number TWELVE".

Tabernacles, and the death of Gaddafi.

(And the wedding in between.)


Oct. 14/11

More signs: Hurricane Jova

The storms form triangular shape like a pyramid.

Maybe I am just seeming things, but me thinks I also see two great eagle wings formed by the path of hurricane Irwin, whose name in fact can mean "eagle"! But it is the timing of this storm that links it so perfectly with a verse in the bible about "two wings of a great eagle" that has me shaking my head in amazement! (Click here for details.)

Hurricane Irwin, meaning "eagle", forms two wings of a great eagle.

Oct. 6/11

Strong Falling Star event expected in constellation of The Dragon on the Day of Atonement, even as comet Elenin will (or was) to make its appearance. Also, TC Philippe and Irwin, etc.

Click here for more!



Oct. 3/11

What does Hurricane OpheliaComet Elenin
the Lion Bible Code Pictogram, 
and the Balance Bible Code have in common?


What Does Comet Elenin Mean?



Oct. 4/11

Greece Dept Crisis and the Greece Olympics seven years earlier



Sept. 30/11

The stages of powerful Hurricane Hilary coincide with the activities of Hillary Clinton concerning Israel. Hurricane Hilary also formed and terminated on the days predicted.


Sept. 23/11


Flag at top of Pyramid mountain.Palestinian State? 
(and the Sign of Hurricane Irene)

Right image of the 'Lion of Judah' with 'Star of David', discovered Sept. 21/11 at 1 pm (and star at 6 pm). This was the day of Obama's speech at the UN concerning Palestine statehood (that contradicted an earlier speech that angered Israel), and which was two days before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas formally asked the United Nations to grant a Palestinian statehood.

Click here for full article on Palestinian Statehood, along with the sign of Hurricane Irene.


Also see my dream.




Sept. 17/11

  Hurricane Maria and "The Day of Atonement".

Why Tropical Storm Nate made landfall on the anniversary of the very hour of 9/11 (Click here for full article on Nate.)



Sept. 3/11

So far all the named Atlantic storms are happening when predicted back several months ago, but moreover are occurring so as to overlap the Picture Bible Code in order to bring forth a message for each storm! This is true of all major events occurring at this time in the world, such as the World Dept Crisis and the trial of Egyptian President Mubarak. Also look for update on the New Jerusalem Picture Bible Code soon. (Update: TS Lee makes landfall on predicted date too!)


See, "Expectations for when named storms will occur 
during the upcoming 2011 Hurricane Season"

New Jerusalem four-sided pyramid and locations of timings of storms Irene and Jose.

"The stone that the builders rejected..."



Aug. 28, 2011, 10 am

Huge Hurricane Irene 

the Washington quake,

and Little Jose(ph)

TS Irene overtop New York city and United Nations Headquarters!

("Peace" when there is no peace!)

Hurricane Irene:

A warning to America and the world of upcoming judgments 
if they do not treat Israel rightly.



Aug. 13, 2011

crown of baal."Signs in the heavens!There is so much to say since our last update, especially about tropical storms Don and Emily, and what they symbolized, and how they relate to our encoded image that predicted them in vast detail! For now, please see "Don", and the sign of these below images of clouds forming a pig that morphs into Baal/Zeus, and what it means!



Bible Codes that form images
that predict the future!


Cherub Bible Code Pictogram 

*Main code: "Cherub/Balance Bible Code"


(Hur. Sandy)



Seven Clusters of Bible-Code Pictograms

Bible code scroll about Jesus Christ, a prophecy.
Scroll with seven seals


These seven clusters have paragraphs of encoded text that form about 40 pictograms in all. They interconnect, both numerically and pictographically.

(For specific encoded images, see "Full Index". 


1. Burning-Bush Bible Code (1996) (Found in Ex. 4-5) 
(Images: Scroll, DNA, mountain, lamp, fiery sacrifice, Moses at burning bush)  
(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")

2. Creation Code (1999) (Gen. 1-3) 
(Images: Lightning, dividing of land from water, 
serpent-dragon, Eden's sword, the Crucified)   
(Key phrase: "The Triune {God} created!") 

3. Mene-Tekel Bible Code (2000) (Dan. 1-5) 
(Images: Banner of 3 coins, serpent on banner/pole, 
hand, moth, tabernacle)   
(Key phrase: "The One putting him to death!}")

(Key code!)Bible Code Predictions.

4. Cherub/Balance Bible Code (2004) (Isa. 46)
(Images: Balances, lamps, rivers, mountain, tree of life, 
open door/book, comet, cherub, chariot, throne, Baal) 

(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")
5. Israel's Acrostic Bible Code (2004) (Gen. 49) 
(Images: Comet, lion of Judah, flying lion/cherub)  
(Key phrase: "Yeshua, You shall fly!")
6. Names Code (2006) (Gen. 1-6; Matt. 1) 
(Images: Noah's flood, dividing of waters; Jacob's-ladder acrostic; 12-animals)  
(Key phrase: "I will forgive my enemies")
7. KJV Bible Code Still in rough! (2007) (Matt., Mark, Rev.) 
(Images: Prophet/prophetess, boat, fish, Jesus walking on water, 
mountains, owl, house of whores)  
(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")

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