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Hello everyone.

I would like to share a recommendation for this wonderfull site, so here i go, hope it helps:

I am not an expert in alchemy, even though I have a feeling is a knowledge I have already inside, I still feel its buried and forgotten inside of me, but anyway I have a proposition for the site.

I think the steps of the alchemical process should be applied to the site! To get the best of it.

I am not the most active of users here neither one of the most generous. And I let everyone know I haven't made a donation yet to the site.

Somehow I feel the site its been "raped", I feel a big bunch of users is using the wonderful opportunity provided in this portal without giving back the fair amount to bring a "balance", I am not surprised when I receive a mail that communicates that the site its short on money. Most of the attitude here is residing in a "feminine mind" state. And as a community we are lacking of action and those great seekers which apply the "masculine mind" trait to the site are being shadowed by this "feminine mind" invasion.

So therefore it seems we need to front a calcination/dissolution/separation:

I noticed a while ago, that even though we have like 12000 members, most of them are not active, I have the sensation there is even a lot of profiles that been created to; 1. "rape" the library, 2. By a sort of "Aries" sort of motivation, very quick and sudden legitimate interest in the site, but in a short time this interest vanished.

So i ask, is it necessary to have such amount of members?

I have written messages, send friend request to many users and they don't even seem they even remember they registered on the site, and obviously no answer arrives.

I thought many times the site should erase the profiles of people that haven't participated at all, those ones of 0%, no posts, no comments,no discussion,no messages, no groups activity or member ship, etc. If I would be in charge of the site of would definitely apply this, and obviously I don't refer to the new profiles of lets say "shy people" that will take maybe a couple of weeks in participate in the community.

By re way, would this save costs of the site?

Lets go to the conjunction/fermentation:

I don't know how many users are active in the portal, but we need a sort of "compromise" with the site, I know that in this world even though if we don't like it, we need "money" to sustain the material side of the portal, we need the nice clean nurturing earth in which to put our seed and grow beautifully!

Look, this advice I will give its not beneficial for me (I don't have a bank account, neither PayPal account, and my currency is literally shit), but lets be serious, I think it would be right to ask for a minimal amount of money contribution to be maintained as seekers of the site, and I mean minimum, like 5 dollars a year, or 2, or even 1. And those who can't pay this amount (they must be in a really complicated situation for this be true), could contribute to the site in another form, an active form, like, and I will express a personal experience as a metaphor, brushing the leafs of the floor and cleaning in the Buddhist temples I stayed.

I'm sure this would be a great filter for know where I am heading.

+ not using the site as a place to inflate our egos.

+Treating the site seriously and as something sacred.

I think this contribution could help us to reach or be closer to the "Coagulation".

Thank you.

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Agreed....though maybe a free membership with basic benefits and a "mystic" or whatever membership with full benefits


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