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As the community grows, it becomes more difficult for a few people to help welcome new seekers as they come online. Please help new members feel welcome as they become part of Esoteric Online, and let them know we are happy to have them here.


Welcoming new seekers is also a great way to meet friends who may share a similar interest, try to check out their profile when welcoming them, get to know them a bit, and find something you have in common.


In addition to personal messages you may with to give, we have also put together a few variants on a welcome image that can be used, which also contains a link back to the page on "How to use the website". Simply copy/paste the html code as a comment, remember to hit the html button though to enter that mode.


Sample welcoming images and pre-configured html, more to come!


<a target="_self" href=""><img class="align-center" src="" width="300" /></a>



<a target="_self" href=""><img class="align-center" src="" width="300" /></a>



<a target="_self" href=""><img class="align-center" src="" width="300" /></a>


Transparent (no background)

<a target="_self" href=""><img class="align-center" src="" width="300" /></a>


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wow cool,

so thats where these came from haha. good idea.

 I olso would like to be part of the welcome wagon, however I'm shure how to extend the invite? I don't have a hotmail button! But I think I can figure it out! Is there a way we can get an alert whene somone joins or do we just have to do it the old fashioned way?

                                                                                                                        Truth and Integrity,


Is there a list as members join? Right now, I can either know if I have met them or not; not if they are active members or new. A list would really help; or some other way of knowing who has joined. Like we have for birthdays.

if u click on the option seekers on top of the page, the top row and rows is the newly joined. 

Thank you so very much, Anki, for pointing me in direction.


i must tell you that a couple of people have greeted me or sent bday wishes thru my email. that drew me back when i hadnt really participated much and made me feel very welcomed. 



Latest community update is great! Fringe benefit - i finally find the other EO badges i hadn't saved!!

If you're going to make more, Tao and Wicca would be naturals - I'm looking at the Yungchen Lhamo CD Tibet, Tibet, and the mandala there has a tri-thing going on in the center - a yin/yang/yong....the symmetry is there with 3. 

Greetings, I'm brand new to EO, and want to contribute wherever I can. From the dates of the latest posts I fear I may arriving here too late. I hope EO is still alive.

Please let me know what things need to be done, and I will match with my skills and let you know what I can manage. 

I am retired with lots of unaccounted for time. 


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